Using Travelocity's Dream Maps

By iahphx,

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An interesting tool to find low airfares that I haven't seen discussed anywhere is Travelocity.com's "dream map" feature, which you can find on the bottom of their home page. You enter in the city you want to fly from, the region of the world you're looking to go to, and how much the maximum is you're willing to pay. They then create a map showing the cities where there are fares that meet your price criteria.

I have used the European maps to find deals to cities I might not have thought to look for (if you're like me, if you're going on vacation to Europe, you often fly to a major European city, pick up a car and "drive around"). For instance, I've found very low fares to Nice and Brussels (like $200 + tax). Also, it keeps you informed of rock bottom sales to the more popular destinations.

If there's any weakness to their system, it is that fares sometime "pop up" but when you click on them, you learn the fare is no longer being offered. Seems to be some sort of long standing technical glitch. Also, you can't yet draw a month-specific map. Like right now, you might find cheap fares on the map for Europe, but those fares are likely good right now. If you want to catch a bargain for June or July, you'll have to click through a lot of inapplicable fares.

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