Priceline Hotel: Resort Orlando (WDW) Hilton Resort

By soxcited,

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Hello Everyone,

I just wondering if anyone successfully booked Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Resort in Orlando trhough Priceline recently? I could not find a recent post.

Is it not part of Priceline anymore?

I was hoping to get that hotel but instead got Hilton Resort for a total of

$132.52 (110+22.52 tax) for one night. I am disappointed I wish I could

cancel it.

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don't feel bad. The Hilton is a nice hotel with a 5 minute walk to Downtown Disney. The rooms are nice, service and food(bit pricey) is great. Free parking and no resort fee.

Can you please post your bid history on your win?

Hyatt is still with PL.

Enjoy Mickey!


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Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the info.

I will be there for one night on March 24 2007. I started for a Resort with:

$90 Disney World Vicinity - rejected

$95 + Kissimmee - rejected

$100 + Airport - rejected

$105 + Winter Park - rejected

$110 + Downtown - accepted

I will need one more room so I am going to try PL again and see if I can

get Hyatt this time. I am guessing I should not have added the downtown

area, I should have tried Altamonte Springs instead. And I am going to

start with a higher bid. What do you think?

I feel a little bad because It looks like this hotel goes for $70-90 on average

and the price I got thru PL is very close to regular rate from their website, $139.

Since I need another room maybe I could ask for an upgrade to a suite. But

I heard that the staff is not very friendly.

Also, there used to be a map here showing the hotels and their locations in Orlando.

Could you direct me to that page if you know it by any chance?



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Is it safe to assume that PL first picks Wyndham and Hilton, and if they are full then Hyatt ?

No, because each hotel notifies Priceline with the number of rooms it has available and the minimum "offer" prices that it will accept. Priceline matches your bid to the hotel's offer at the minimum star level that you will accept. Priceline functions as a market maker, matching up bids and offers, if your bid is equal to or exceeds the hotel's offer price, then you get your room.

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for what date do you need a second room?

Please have in mind that you are going to Disney at peak time. It's just christmas that draws more people than spring break/easter period.

Yes, you can get Hilton cheap but you have a one night stay on a saturday, that may have an impact also. The price you got on Hilton Indicates that this is a very bussy time in Orlando and the hotel has no panic to sell rooms. But you saved $30 on the rack rate. And Hyatt got a $15 resort fee.

About the staff at Hilton. I thought they were very nice comparing to many other places I have stayed at in Orlando. I got an upgrade for $10/night. But I allways go off seasson. Be nice and ask in a polite way for an upgrade.

Please remember that bidding higer don't secure the Hyatt. You never know what you hit on your way.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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I got an upgrade for $10/night. But I allways go off seasson. Be nice and ask in a polite way for an upgrade.

Did you ask for an upgrade at the desk during check-in or did you call them before arrival?

Was it an upgrade to an executive (tower) room or a suite?


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I asked at when I checked-in. I got a suite, it's twice the size of a regular room. Tower room was never mentioned by the clerk. And I never asked. Since I was happy with the offer they gave me.

Breakfast buffe is $15. Burger with imported beer $27 W/tip. Pool bar is very expensive.



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