Hotwire Hotel: 4.5* North Scottsdale Hotel Question

By Cleo,

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I've been consistently checking Hotwire (for about 2 weeks) for Phoenix area hotels for March 18-22. Based on the information that I've seen on this board and elsewhere, I'm pretty certain that the Westin Kierland was offered anywhere from $79-$85. Amenities were: Resort, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Golf, Tennis, Spa, Children's Activities, Laundry.

I wasn't sure if my plans to visit Phoenix were firm, so I couldn't commit to this until earlier this week. However, when I went back to Hotwire earlier this week, it was listed at around $175, and then a day or so later, it was completely gone. Today, I checked in the morning, and I believe it was back for $110, and this evening it was not listed again.

I've never used Hotwire before, so I don't know if this is normal. Certainly if it comes back up for $110, I would grab it (it's still better than the $450 on Westin's website!).

Any thoughts on whether or not it will show up again? Thanks!

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I meant are you not seeing any 4.5* properties in the North Scottsdale zone (where the Westin is located) since Hotwire will only show you one property at each star rating per zone. I did a search for your dates and see that no 4.5* properties are shown in this zone for your dates.

There is no telling for certain if you will see this property again, but i would think there is a good chance. Hotels generally give Hotwire access to discounted inventory when they project that bookings are tracking below full-occupancy. While you were wating for your plans to finalize, the hotel may have had an increase in bookings and therefore pulled the discounted rate (which is likely what happened when you saw the rate jump to $175).

All is not lost though since this stay in almost 6 weeks away. Let's assume that the hotel is 50% booked and to reach full occupancy by check-in they need to book 10 rooms per week between now and then. If they only book 6 rooms the first week, they may make a few rooms available once again to Hotwire (and Priceline). In the meantime, even if nobody purchases thru Priceline/Hotwire but 'traditional' bookings pick-up and the next week they book 14 rooms, they may once again pull the discounted inventory (since the 6 rooms the prior week and the 14 rooms this week brings the average closer to the 10 rooms per week they needed).

The above example is over-simplified, and although you may be watching the inventory every hour, the hotel manager isn't changing the systems rates that frequently, so don't expect inventory to change everytime the hotel's phone rings and somebody books or cancels a reservation. Bottom line is that you need to contnue to closely watch and monitor what is offered.

Hope that sheds some light on the situation. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have or that the above info has sparked.

Let us know how it goes.

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One more thing....

The Westin does seem to be available thru Hotwire for March 19-22, so maybe the hotel has seen an increase in occupancy for the nite of the 18th and that is the 'trouble' nite.

You could book the 19th-22nd and then only have to worry about occupancy opening up on the 18th. If it doesn't, you can spend the first nite someplace else and then check-in on the 19th OR if you're unwilling to change hotels during the stay you could book the nite of the 18th conventionally (hotel's website, Expedia, Orbitz, etc). Of course, if you decide to book the last nite conventionally, make sure there is availability for that nite before purchasing on Hotwire, and only book conventionally after confirming the property by 'winning' it on Hotwire.

Good Luck.

EDIT: i just looked at Westin's website and inded they are sold out for the 18th. Therefore, i would say chances are slim(mer) that the hotel will appear once again for the entire length of your stay. Best hope is that they are holding rooms for some sort of convention, wedding, etc and release rooms down the road, but i don't know what 'event' is happening there on the 18th.

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