Priceline Hotel: 3* Ft Lauderdale (Downtown) Ft Lauderdale Grande Hotel and Yacht Club

By dgirard,

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I used the link from betterbidding and made several attempts for a 4* at either the downtown area or Fort Lauderdale beach area.

I know there's a 4 star at both the beach and downtown, so started with both of those...then added the other zones which did not have 4 *'s to bid again...

Started at 105 and worked up to $130...still fails...I'll try a few more tomorrow...


Does a resort qualify as *better* than 4*?...or is it a stand alone category...ie, if a zone does not have a 4* but does have a resort, will it bump up to resort in that zone?...if not, then I can give this at least one more go...(at least one of the zones does not have a 4* but does have a resort...


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complete stay is just one night... 1/13/06

We're booked into the Yankee Clipper on 1/14, but need to stay somewhere on the 13th...so I'd like to be someplace close by, with some relatively easy way to get to the beach/ocean. We're crusing from the 15-19th...

I won a room at the Bahia Mar on the 19th for our return, but I was hoping to try for someplace different for our arrival night.

I'll try again later today and post results...


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Won 3* fort lauderdale downtown 1/13/2007, one night.

Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel and Yacht Club

Winnign bid $131. I might have gotton it a bit cheaper, but I've been getting anxious to get something booked...

Strangely enough, Priceline let me keep rebidding with the same settings...I simply clicked on the Hotels link at the top of the page, then clicked back into the "save 50%" link and re-entered my specs (indentically!)...

Here's the history today:

All for 3* Downtown:

Bid $98 Rejected

Reset and

Bid $110 Rejected

Reset and

Bid $121 Rejected, but conteroffered to rebid $22 more.

Reset and

Bid $131 Accepted! (saved $10 off the counteroffer!)

Anyway, I'm done for now...

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