Priceline Rental Cars - 3 bid limit?

By headtrip,

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I've been bidding on rental cars, and then waited 72 hours 3 times so far, and I noticed that after the 3rd bid in the second round of bidding that I got this message regardless of whether I had bid for that car type before or not.

The same thing just happened to me again in the third round of bidding.

The message is:

"Unfortunately, we were unable to process your rental car request because it was identical to one you submitted within the last 3 days (the same pick-up date, drop-off date, car type, and location). Follow instructions below to try your request again.

We're sorry, but your offer price of $20.00 per day for a Full-size Car was not accepted. Your credit card has not been charged.

A change in price alone is not sufficient to submit a new rental car request. Select the option that works best for you below. "

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a way to get around it?

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Im trying to rent a vehicle myself, and got the same message. I waited until the 4th day and it seemed to accept my bidding. Just give it another day. I did notice however the prices for cars right now are high. I did better with a coupon code. I have a car on hold and contiune to bid until the day I rent , that way I still have a car if the bidding falls through. With coupon code I recived one day free which is about 28.00 off,(midsize) priceline has not come close to accepting any bids near the price I recived thorugh rental car website with coupon.

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