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By liz1992,

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Hello Everyone,

(My flight question is below) sorry, I get carried away, i mean I need to get carried away or should I say "put away". My sense of humor is all I have left. Besides that I am a Gemini, so one side is entertaing me and the otehr is always torchering me!!!! ( I just re-read my post and decided to put this blab on top, so really I wrote this last.)

I hope you had a great vacation! I still dream of the Adventure of The Seas and San Juan and Curacao, and oh yes St. Maartin and Cozumel. Oh it hurts!!!!!!! There have been really awesome cruise deals lately.

Everyone should book a cruise this month!!! Just do it. I am looking also, for April 07.

It's been a while, I missed visiting this site, I guess that means I just haven't been away anywhere or done anything that resembles a vacation.

I am getting very antsy, I want to do something. Our lives have been torcherous (sp) the last few months, no make that years.

Dh is recovering for spine surgery, I had a total hysterctomy(too young), my Dad almost died in August from heart falure, got a defib/pacemaker, Mom died from Alzhimers.....GOD! I need a vacation. I

just had to get that off my chest. I know it doesn't belong here on the boards! Sorry, it's just that Thereuare is so awesome!!!!!!!!

Here's my Question/Dilemna?

I know I read somewhere, not that long ago that there are best days of the week and worst, cheaper vs. costly to book airfare.

I can't remember what the days were and what he rule is.

I remember some of it I think.

This could be all wrong???

The closer you get to take off - flight fare get higher?

Is it Tuesday & Wednesday that are the best days to book?

My daughter 22 is looking for a flight from JFK to PBI. (last minute planning of course and then she comes to dear not so old Mom (me).

We (no I) am now shopping for flights for her.

11/17/06 Friday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. and on

return 11/20/06 Monday late evening, like 9p.m. ish

She's got the work excuse already figured out!!! Her tooth is starting to hurt in time for work tomorrow morning (not) and the dentist appt is magically going to get scheduled by Wednesday that will result into an Oral surgeon appt for Friday and it's going to still hurt so much that she won't be able to work Monday either. Boy, I miss being 22.

So far Jet Blue is cheapest 11/17 2:10 pm $129.00

11/20 9:20 pm $124.00 w/o tx & fees

total $272. rt inclusive

I just get the feeling that I should not book yet, my intuiton has been so darn keen the last few months, it's really uncanny. The Angels are taking over, carrying me thru everything!!!!

I really think I'm going to wait and watch and watch. I hope I am making the right decision.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know the best days of the week to book, but with only 5 days (now 4 days) until take-off i would book anything reasonable... or take a shot with priceline or HOTWIRE and then book anything reasonable (although note the inability to choose flight times on an opaque purchase).

I looked at a similar routing for a family member recently over Thanksgiving (a more expensive time) and fares were in the mid-$400s and up.

Use our AirfareChecker to search mutliple providers at once and also consider nearby airports (in both NYC and West Palm, if possible... don't forget EWR, LGA, HPN, ISP, etc)

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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