Hotwire Hotel: 3* Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) Beverly Hilton

By rronbid,

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Re: Beverly Hills - Westwood - Century City (LA)

Do you know what specific 3* hotels are being offered in this area by Hotwire (and Priceline) at this time for 3rd week of January? I saw only 4* and up on your list. Does anyone have any recent experiences for this area? This is my first post. Thanks.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

What are the exact date(s) of your stay and what is your budget?

I'd recommend you do a Hotwire search for your dates, and then if there is something that seems appealing to you then post the star rating and amenities here for help identifying it.

Sometimes Hotwire can be a little strange and a 3* hotel will cost more than a 4* hotel (or some other quirk), so if considering Hotwire (or using it as a price to beat on Priceline) i'd first recommend doing a search and seeing what is presented that falls within your budget.

Let us know what you find and we'll take it from there (whether if it's to help identify the Hotwire hotel or give a recommended bidding strategy for Priceline)

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I was quoted by Hotwire for Beverly Hills-Westood-Century City 1/18 -1/23/04 the following that interests me:

4* - Cust Fav, rest, Swim,fitness,business, golf,tennis for $99/n (5nights)

3 1/2* - Boutique,rest,swim,fitness,high speed int, business $109/n (5n)

3* - Rest, swim, fitness, business $72/night (5 nights)

Any idea which hotels they refer to? I couldn't match them to any on your list? What's my next step?

(I also need to be at short radius (under 1 mile) of a Westwood location for 1/16 -1/18/04 and will only use hotwire or priceline if I can detemine the hotel(s) location. )


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The 4* hotel you list seems to match this one in our hotel list:

4* Hilton Beverly Hills

Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Golf, Tennis

Of course there are no guarantees as there could always be another hotel with the same exact amenities and star rating. However, from a picuture many of the rooms appear to have balconies (i don't know how common this is in the area) and one of the comments in the "Customer Favorite" section mentioned how they enjoyed their balcony.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the info above.

If you've found our site helpful and decide to move forward, it's appreciated if you started your purchase at SavingsBarn.com

Let us know how it goes.

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I had tried to bid on priceline for 3* in Bev. Hill-Westwood area and was rejected at $65 and $70. Also rejected $75 and $80 for 4*.

I opted for the 4* for $99/night 1/18 -1/23/04 on Hotwire (via Savingsbarn) and it was the Beverly Hilton. Thanks for your help.

ps I'm still curious what 3* hotels Hotwire offered in that area.

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