Hotwire Hotel: 2* Las Vegas (Downtown) Golden Gate

By FamilyTraveler,

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Didn't find any info on this site as to what this 2* in DT Las Vegas could be with restourant and casino...so I took a chance on a last minute bid and got the Golden Gate on Freemont street. Not to happy but I understood going into it that it's the chance you take...O' Well, not going to use it (worst motel in vegas) but I learned a lesson so worth it I guess. Just thought i'd post so nobody else makes this mistake.

10/17/06 - 10/19/06

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Thank you for sharing your results with the board... not even going to show up for some 99 cent shrimp cocktail? :)

If there is a hotel that you see that is not yet reported on the board you should ask for help, as we can often take a pretty good educated guess at them based upon a variety of clues/factors.

Can you please include the date(s) of the above stay so that we can add them to the topic title and stick with the board's format of reported wins.

I assume Casino and Restaurant were the only icons, correct?


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I stayed there once when everything else was booked and the rooms are about closet size, with a double bed taking up about 85% of the room space, and the bathroom door is about the same size as the bathroom. It is billed at the oldest hotel in Vegas and it looks it too. The only positive thing I can say was it was clean, but I wouldn't reccomend it because the rooms are so tiny. You expect that in New York, but not in Las Vegas.

The best thing about the Golden Gate Casino btw is the giant shrimp cocktail for $2.99, I think you get about a 1/2 lb of shrimp, it's a good deal.

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