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Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Newark (Newark-Christiana) Hilton Wilmington Christiana

By biddingforhotel,

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Bid 2.5* on both Newark and Willimington area at $45 and got it at the first bid ...

Somehow, it says this Hilton is 2.5*, not an upgrade to 3* ... the hotel website says $129 ...

It is right at x4A of I-95 very convenient, and the other side of I-95 is big Christiana Mall .... on the same side would be Courtyard and Fairfield Inn and Suites ... that has Barnes and Noble and many other stores ...

Other nearby attractions are Longwood Gardens, Winterthur and Hagley Museum, The University of Delaware, Delaware Park Racetrack and Slots place ...etc.

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Checked in to this wonderful Hilton before driving around parking lots to see front parking were full whereas mostly vacant on the back, so it seems can take many more customers... The book also says extend a day or two with great rate...

It was a surprised that the room was just newly renovated, so nice and morden, e.g. the entry foyer is marble!!! It has microwave, refrig, and complimentary wired and wireless Internet was told built into the room rate. The big apple taste good, and the room has nice travel magazine Landmark and several others to show all the attractions in the area ... The hallway carpet was also custom made, so stylish like the one I saw at Marx Hotel of Syracuse NY...

The restaurant is great! not sure if the breakfast is complimentary, but PL says it is 2.5*, will find out.

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and complimentary wired and wireless Internet was told built into the room rate...

The restaurant is great! not sure if the breakfast is complimentary, but PL says it is 2.5*, will find out.

Ok, the Internet access is supposed to be built into the room rate but PL did not pay, so $5 charged to my credit card... However, the bill showed that PL paid $41, so my bid of $45 was $4 over bid ... which was fine; it is very nice newly renovated room ... How nice?!

1. Never seen such nice curved shower curtain rod with the curtain that has top 1 foot "screen" so you can really sees beyound the tub area cover by the shower curtain!!! That makes you feel the shower area is even BIGGER!!!

2. Not just that, the light at the brand new bath was postioned right at the ceiling of the curtain, so the tub area was very bright; this makes taking a shower or a bath very comfortable, as opposed to that of Courtyard and AmeriSuite (well, AmeriSuite replace the 40W light bolt by a 75W, but still can NOT compare with this brand new Hilton bath light). Well Courtyard's bath, while still very nice, really can't compete with this Hilton's...

3. Not only the entry foyer of the room was nice dark marble floor, but also the floor of this new bathroom, and the wall, I really feel it tastes like at least a 3.5* if not 4* like some Hyatt.

4. Have you seen this wonderful Peir 5 at Baltimore? Ok, you do not need to pay high bid, close to $100, to go to that hotel with your girlfriend or honeymoon ... This Hilton's new room gives you all the "morden", "stylish", "state-of-the-art" design. even the entertainment center was designed into the wall and from bottom to the ceiling, same thing as the window curtain area.

5. The microwave and complimentary pop corns and a small refrig hidden into the builtin closet is very convenient and looks very nice ...

Will sure to come back again ... and try to get this minimum $41 ... and maybe should ask Hilton to take off the Internet access charge since it is "built into" the hotel room charge that we has paid PL, it should not charged us again ...

By the way, this should be treated a PL 3*, not 2.5*, since the breakfast is not complimentary ...

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