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By blh,

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Need one night accomodation at the Boston Intl Airport on Sept. 29. Have tried Priceline 4* several times for up to $65, but have not won a hotel. Today Hotwire shows 4* for $100. I can't tell if it is the Hyatt or the Hilton. Shows "Customer Favorite" which would indicate Hyatt, but also shows Business Center which would indicate Hilton. It is still eight weeks out, so I could continue to bid, but don't want the $100 offer to disappear. Any suggestions?

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The full list of amenities: (Customer Favorite) Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurants, Business Center, and High Speed Internet Access.

I used one rebid - Boston South. There is one more rebid. The 24 hrs expires later tonight - about 11:00 pm.

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The HOTWIRE hotel is a match for the Hilton Airport so that would be our best guess.

What is your maximum bid on Priceline? Why did you stop with only one re-bid zone? If you're considering the $100 hotel on HOTWIRE not sure why you would stop so much below your alterate booking price.

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Had seen several $65 bids in the past several months and was just hoping to get a 4* for $65. I thought I would probably have to wait until about a month out to get a winning bid. Had an email from Hotwire and saw the $100 deal and was considering all my options - whether to wait and hope for a lower Priceline bid or take the $100 opportunity. I understand that I could continue to bid higher before accepting the $100 from Hotwire. Thanks for the help on matching the Hilton to the Hotwire offer.

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4* Hilton Boston Logan Airport, 9-29, $100

Tried bidding Priceline again today, but was not successful. Decided to go ahead with a sure thing. The prices were increasing on the hotel's websites. Happy with the $100 at the Hilton. Thanks for your help. Used the HOTWIRE link.

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Here is a link for the GoBoston Card (have to remember to add this to the support page)

Looks like they currently have a discount going on 3-5-7 day cards (unitl 8/10/06)

They also currently have a free shipping promotion (until 8/31/06) by using the code: freegocardshipping5

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