Priceline Hotel: downtown Chicago August 4-6 w/ 6 adults and 1 child (9yrs old) HELP

By babylush,

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OKay. So Im new to betterbidding and priceline so I need help. Id like to find a deal on 2 rooms for the 7 of us going (6 adults and 1 child)......Im looking for something in downtown Chicago ideally id like to pay no more than $95 CND a night preferably at least a 3 star hotel. Ive never been to Chicago so I dont know if the is resonable or not. What should i do next???

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You will likely not be able to find anything for the 4th-6th downtown for $95 per night, as the Lollapalooza Music Festival is taking place and has bumped up prices and resulted in booked up hotels.

Are you driving? You could certainly find two rooms in the burbs for $95 (I see a good deal in Northbrook for $54 per night on Hotwire - a 3* - you could get 2 rooms for about what you were looking to pay for 1), but you would likely need transit to the nearest Metra station.

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aww thanks for the reply. But plans have changed. There will only be 4 adults in total and NO children....BUT i dont know much about Chicago so I dont know how bad the drive is from the subarbs. Im aware that the lola will be there thats weekend. (thanks!)....Ummm yes I am driving....so for the people who have been to chicago would you stay in the subarbs and save money or pay for downtown ? (taking into consideration the drive, finding/paying for parking...etc?)

My plans for chicago are:

-magnificent mile

-Aurora outlets

-something Pier

not too complicated.

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The only way C$95 (about U$84) will hit downtown would be for something at the last minute.

You probably have a decent shot at something in the O'Hare zone, which should still be cheaper even after factoring in parking. Furthermore, if all four are traveling everywhere toghether, taking cabs to and from downtown becomes a decent economic proposition. And yes, I see fourseomes in cabs here all the time.

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I would not stay in the suburbs and commute to downtown from O'Hare, Northbrook, or anywhere else. You want to be in this great city 100% of the time and not stuck in traffic in your car or a cab - or even on the Blue Line subway from 0'Hare.

Your problem is with your $95 spending limit for an August weekend. Every weekend right now has high rates because there's a big festival or music every weekend and it's tourist season.

Here are two suggestions to stay within your budget now that you've dropped the kids - provided the four adults are willing to stay in one suite room. There are several 2 room suite hotels downtown with a separate bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room - Homewood Suites, 2 Embassy Suites, Doubletree Guest Suites. All are Hilton hotels so check their rates on hiltonhhonors.com. Splitting the lowest rate there between two couples gets you to close to $100 a couple. Or you could look at Hotwire.com for your dates because (1) you can get for a room that will fit 4 people (unlike PL that only guarantees 2) and (2) the amenities listed include suite hotels - a box with a big "S".

I can help you if you want to try a PL bid for two rooms - but you will have to raise your limit to $120. And tell me what you plan to do that weekend - museums, shopping, waterfront actvities, architectural tours, etc.

That way I can advise you on the zones to bid.

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