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  1. This isn't Orlando, this is Bozeman, Montana... not only is everything in the terminal, most grocery stores have bigger parking lots than the single lot all the agencies in BZN share. Only four or five agencies operate in BZN. One is E
  2. Nope, I've tried it. There's something on the reservation that says it's Priceline and they won't give you credit.
  3. Well, it's half what hotels in San Francisco charge. On the weekend, you might be able to park on the street for free. I've done it. Just don't move your car for the night and don't keep anything in it. Barring that I believe nearby lots charge much less.
  4. I hope you bought that $227 fare. It wasn't about to get any cheaper.
  5. I agree. It's just as far away from, say, the Embarcadero Center as the EconoLodge Hilton (333 O'Farrell) is. It's close enough to the Montgomery BART station and I don't care about Fisherman's Wharf or the cable cars. I'd be happy to get this place.
  6. If you can depart a day earlier or later (11/16 or 11/18), The ITA search engine is showing $377.20 for ORD-DUB-CDG on Aer Lingus.
  7. Priceline was acting a little strange on this one. I had bid up to $82 in both USE and USW separately without any response. Then I combined these two zones and started over at $83. Immediately I received a "raise your bid $22" screen. I still had plenty of time to bid in $1 increments, so I tried $84... and hit. That was the only "raise your bid" screen I received despite several bids in the $70s and $80s in USE alone. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the result. This is the Hyatt just off Union Square (345 Stockton), not the one on the Embarcadero Center. Two nights, Saturday and Sunday. Total = $84*2 + 33 = $201.00
  8. I like to go down there in the fall myself, so out of curiosity I checked rates. For that weekend, I'm seeing some $85-90 published rates on the Tennessee side. On the NC side it's more like $100. It's the best weekend of the year to be in the Smokies, so I doubt you'd find anything on PL. You wrote you couldn't find "anything in October", but my experience is even in fall, weeknights are wide open and cost about half what weekends do. Or you could wait until December when everyone drops their rates to $25 :)
  9. Fort Myers... in midweek... right before xmas when many northern schools will have already gotten out... I hope you're booking that Alamo rate as a backup, cuz it sounds pretty good.
  10. belgo is correct: PL goes up to only 3* in South Lake Tahoe. There is 4* on the north side of the lake. Midweek in October is the definition of low season. You can find published rates in Tahoe for less than $30, and in Reno for less than $20. Not at Harvey's, tho.
  11. My goodness, that would be the Pre-Boarding Group From Hell. Thirty kids on WN would block out an entire letter of the alphabet!
  12. There are several small motels around Three Rivers; I've been there. For a weekend when the weather is still nice they probably run around $80-90. Any savings you achieve by staying in Visalia or elsewhere will almost certainly be canceled out by the extra gasoline and time you burn in getting to the park.
  13. Whoa, a decent-looking 3* in downtown San Francisco? This is an interesting development!
  14. The Purple Line express trains run only on weekdays during rush hours. Otherwise count on 90 minutes for the L, including waiting for trains. Also, try to stay off the L south of Addison before and after Cubs games (those are the last three games of the season and they are at home). Unless, of course, you're using the L to actually go to the game. On the weekends, Metra is a much better option. $5 to ride anywhere in the system all weekend.
  15. Got a "raise your bid $9" screen at $35 and hit it at $37. Also failed at $55 3* Santa Fe Plaza. For this weekend, I have been unsuccessful up to about $50, but it is normal for weekends to be more expensive in Santa Fe. This stay is for a Sunday, and I have other plans in place for the weekend anyway. This hotel is at 3347 Cerillos Road, Santa Fe N.M. Total = $37 + 12.76 = $49.76.
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