Parking at Hotels During Cruise in Ft. Lauderdale

By thereuare,

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originally posted by bturner13 but moved here to benefit the most number of people:


What hotels (areas in Ft. L.) allows for car parking (fee or free) while out on a cruise if you stay at their hotel the nite before/after a cruise?


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I heard (ie- not first hand experience) the AmeriSuites on 17th Street allows free parking while you're cruising. Call them to double check, but at least it's a start.

I'll post more as i find them.

As an "add on"... this post indicates a way thru Hotwire to almost be certain that you're getting the AmeriSuites (almost because ratings and circumstances can change at any time, blah, blah, blah) KEY Amenity Ratings for Hotwire (<-- this is a PRIME example of this website coming "full circle".. finding out who offers free parking, then finding out how to get that hotel as cheap as possible)

This may be an instance where it's worth paying a few dollars more thru Hotwire than risk getting some other hotel thru Priceline. When parkinng is factored in, an almost "sure thing" thru Hotwire may be worth paying a little more for than taking the "chance" thru Priceline. Remember, Priceline has the option of upgrading you to a higher star level, so you're not "safe" just bidding the Priceline zone of the AmeriSuites.

There are probably others hotels that have similar parking deals, and maybe BurBunny (who knows the area VERY well) can add more insight. Unless this is a cruise in the immediate future, i'd wait and start finding out which other hotels offer free parking.

Let us know if you find any more.

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Here is the scoop on parking at Hotwire/Priceline hotels near Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale as of today:

Amerisuites: Free with pre-cruise stay

Embassy Suites: Free with pre-cruise stay (though overnight parking the night of your actual stay will have a charge of $10 - go figure!) EDIT:- conflicting reports have been received, now appear to charge for parking while on cruise, call hotel for the latest decision

Marriott Marina: $12 per night ($14 on Sundays)

Renaissance: $10 per night

Hyatt Pier 66: $10 per night

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort: $16 per night

Sheraton FLL Airport: $12 per night

As a note, the covered parking at Port Everglades (shared with the Convention Center) is $10 per day.

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Just a quick note - as of March 1, 2003, the charge for parking at FLL cruise terminal is now $12.00 per day. We were there mid January ($10.00 per day) and March 1 - 8, $12.00 per day. Even though I can drive it in 4 hours, for a 10 day cruise it would be worth staying at one of the "free parking" hotels!...Carol

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I just called Embassy Suites and they said that they charge $6/day for self parking while you're on your cruise.

Here's a website that give the port parking prices along with which garage are used for which terminal:


Another site of interest is the Port Everglade daily ship schedule that shows the names of ships arriving and departing for the next couple of days. It also shows which berth/terminal the ship will be at.



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There are a number of hotels that provide free parking with a pre-cruise or post-cruise stay.

Type "park, sleep, fly" or "park, sleep, cruise" into your search engine (this works for other cities too..). Some with upcoming availability include:

Hyatt Place Ft Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port FLL

Hyatt Summerfield Suites Ft Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port

Hilton Garden Inn Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport

Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale-Airport South FLL

Homewood Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port FLL

Springhill Suites Ft. Lauderdale FLL

Holiday Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport FLL

Several of these are easily identifiable on Hotwire by their services offered. Before booking though, it is probably worth a call to the Hotel to see if they will let you park your car using a Hotwire rate (just to be safe...)

Most hotels in the area will provide shuttle service to/from the cruiseport.

Also, I have found that if you contact area hotels directly, they will let you park a car for the duration of your cruise with 1-night pre or post cruise stay -- even if they don't advertise it on their websites. Normal rates apply (most are free, but some full-service hotels charge a daily rate so make sure you ask).

Hope this helps.

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