RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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I haven't personally seen it but people are reporting successful jazzfest bids for the Hyatt downtown that is listed as a 3.5* hotel with the same amenities. If you do a search right now for downtown from dates (4/25 - 5/1) you will see this 3.5 star hotel listed at $84. Apparently, this is the Hyatt.

I think that swag can confirm/provide more detailed info.


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The MOA Grand Hotel has closed and is being dismantled floor by floor. The company posted the details on this web page: http://www.moagrandhotel.com/ I believe this is the Grand Hotel listed in your Airport (MSP) - Mall of America Priceline zone hotel list.

I'm going to bid on a 3* in this zone so we'll see if I can get the Hilton (It's the only known 3* left...)

Thanks for a great site... onto the Barn...

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New York City (Airport LGA)

3* Crowne Plaza Hotel

Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness

I think this needs to be updated to...

Amenities: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Laundry.

Not 100% sure. I spent some time looking at that listing and looking at what people have been winning on Priceline recently for LGA and sure enough I saw a Hotel with these amenities listed on Hotwire for $92 and got my $80 bid accepted by Priceline right after for the Crowne Plaza.

The new amenities actually fit what the hotel currently has on offer, so it does make sense.

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I have re-zoned the Hotwire Orlando WDW area into the two new zones: (Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate) and (Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney)

It would be appreciated if any of our Disney experts and/or those local or know the area well confirm that all off the hotels in this list are property categorized. Please report that all is "ok" as far as you can tell or if there are any changes that need to be made.

Thank you.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Priceline just recategorized the popular areas of downtown Chicago.

Here are the new categories:

Millennium Park, Loop & Grant Park Area - are now one area.

North Michigan Ave & River North Area - are now one area.

Lincoln Park is gone.

That will take away some significant bidding strategy.

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If you know the area, can you let us know which hotelsalready reported (i'm assuming in the Downtown-Harbor Island zone) need to be moved this new zone?

Hilton Gaslamp, Westin Horton Plaza, U.S. Grant Hotel , 3* Radisson Hotel Harbor View,Omni.

Just a few off the top of my head.

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I saw this on the list of Priceline hotels in Portland and I wanted to help clarify. While this hotel calls itself the Fairfield Inn, Portland Airport, this property is in the Portland zone, NOT THE PORTLAND AIRPORT ZONE. I have stayed there and can account for it.

They are in the City of Portland but they do have a shuttle which runs to PWM. That said, the Fairfield Inn in Scarborough by the Maine Mall is listed in the PWM zone even though it is not considered an airport hotel by Fairfield Inn. There is no shuttle to the airport.

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