Disputing Priceline with VISA

By pugsimon,

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Hi, I recently had a horrible experience with Priceline. I bid on a 3 star hotel and got a motel instead that had horrible ratings. (I already posted my win in the hotel board) I wrote a letter to the executive management team at Priceline to see what they can do for me. But if they won't help me, I am thinking about disputing the charge with Visa. Has anyone done this before and won their case?

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PS. I recently read about someone who got to the hotel, and there was no room waiting for them. (it was posted on this board). They only offered the couple $55 back for what they paid and a small credit for the next stay.

I'd be taking their behinds to court for breach of contract, plus expenses for wasting my time.

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I was referring to not providing a hotel room. That is something which you can sue for. You can't ask a credit card company for damages (without insurance, that is).

You enter into a contract with Priceline that they will provide you with a hotel room at said location for this amount. You even pre-pay the amount in advance.

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but the thing is priceline has surely had people who have threatened to sue them by now when they consider priceline breaks their terms of the contract.......probably would've been a big class-action lawsuit against them by now if it was really that big of a problem

it would be interesting to see if priceline has ever actually been sued before though

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hello saving money

we are the couple without a room - priceline have now offered to pay the difference between the hotel i should have had with them ($50+) and the one we stayed in ($200+)

i will find out if the full refund has been made to my credit card when i receive my next statement

i had to really push because the customer services reps (phone and email) kept saying that a refund of $50+ was the best i could expect

i emailed the executive offices after advice on this site

it really does seem to pay to complain (if you have a case) :)

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