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By curiousx,

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Hi, just thought I'd report a car rental using Hotwire. The deal is with Hertz and, though not the greatest price I've seen on these boards, it is significantly better than the $1000+ Avis was asking for on its website for the same car, same period. It's a fullsized car with unlimited mileage. And I made the buy through www.savingsbarn.com.

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Just an update on how this transaction went.

1. The processing time at the Hertz desk was VERY slow. :)

2. The car was supposed to come with unlimited mileage but the contract said 1200km. :) "Oops," said the agent, when I pointed this out. "This keeps happening with Hotwire bookings. I'll make the correction." Anyone using Hotwire and getting Hertz SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK to make sure your contract has the correct mileage provisions.

3. The car was a two door Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The agent said this was a complimentary upgrade. I had asked for (and confirmed by phone) that we would be getting a four door. Also the car did not have enough head room for two tall people - our heads poked well into the roof, even when we lowered the seats as far as they could go. :)

4. We asked for a different car - four door and taller so that we could drive safely without developing hunchbacks. This was provided without any objection but of course took m ore time to process. The new car was a Chevrolet HHR (PT curiser knock of). It was just fine. :o

5. Returning the car was a breeze. Check in was fast and efficient. :D

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Wll, this is getting interesting. The total cost for this July rental was, of course, paid at the time Hotwire confirmed the deal (May) and appeared on my credit card bill for that month. Now, August, I get another credit card bill on which, to my surprise, appears a charge from Hertz Calgary (dated July). Not only is this double charging, the amount billed by Hertz is some $300 more than the Hotwire charge.

So I phoned up the Hertz 1-800 number. The agent checked out the file and said it looked as though the Hotwire payment had been received by Hertz International but never transferred to the Calgary Branch. So Calgary just went ahead and charged me again, even though the agent there was aware I had prepaid through Hotwire. In fact she even mentioned this at the time I picked up the car.

The Hertz agent at 1-800 said it would take about a week for them to sort this out.

Meanwhile, I have called my credit card company and told them the story. If I don't get a satisfactory solution in 7 days, I will call the credit card company again and initiate a 'disputed charge' process.

I'll keep you posted !

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