Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Seattle (Lynnwood-Edmonds) Courtyard

Lollipop's Mom
By Lollipop's Mom,

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May 4th for one night


Breakfast,Pool,Fitness, Hi Speed


Best Value

Do you think it is the Courtyard? That would be a good value since its 109.00, vs the Best Western which is $65 on a regular rate right now.

Any thoughts? Help? Thanks.

Just adding....I just looked and the Courtyard does not have a free breakfast. Possibly la Quinta? Would that be a 2.5*?

If it is the BW, its not really a good value at all! LOL

Ok adding again....I jsut found on a website that says they DO have a free breakfast now, its "all new". LOL.

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Did you ever get hotels (thru Priceline, Hotwire, or otherwise) for your Priceline Disneyland or HOTWIRE Vancouver stays?

Please follow-up each of the above with whatever you ended up doing for each.


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No, I ended up booking direct on the Vancouver and the Disneyland trip I ended up booking direct as well, as I wanted control over where I stayed in the end. I think I did say in those posts that I ended up just sticking a direct booking and not going with priceline/hotwire! Thanks.

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I lowballed a bid of $35 on Lynnwood for May 4th and it was declined (figured it would be) and this came up on the screen...

I am sure this has been reported as being seen, but its a first for me...

We searched hundreds of options to find your hotel room, however we were not able to find a hotel that would accept your price for $35 per room, per night. Your credit card has not been charged for Request Number xxxxxxx. If you are willing to raise your price by $9, you can try the same request again right now.

Normally you are required to change additional items (add zones, star level, or dates) in order to try your request again. However we are able to extend this one-time opportunity to you because of the zone, quality level and dates you requested.

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It is very normal. I have had such experience for many times.

I suggest you not accept it, because I believe the bottom line of the price will not be so high as that you add $9.

I would add a few bucks, say $2 or $3, try it again. Very likely you will win.

Last time, I bid a hotel in Las Vegas. I bid at $70 and said I need to add $14, so I added $4 then I got it(for $74).

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