Priceline Hotel: Resort (Honolulu Ihilani)

By aksyoung,

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Has anyone had any success bidding at Ihilani?

I'm hoping for a one night stay from the 14th to the 15th or 15th to 16th of May.

Appreciate any success stories and tips for bidding.

Also, when I went to bid today, for Ihilani, in addition to Resort, it also listed a 2* category. This was the first time that I've seen that.

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Yeah, I definitely want to stay at Ihilani to get away from things. Don't want to stay in Waikiki and cost of flying the three of us (wife, daughter, and me) to the neighbor islands is too high. It's Ihilani or nothing.

Thinking either May 15 - 16, 14 - 15, or even 12 - 13. Just assumed 15 -16 (M - Tu) would be cheapest.

Any tips appreciated.

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Hawaiian airlines, Mesa airlines, and Aloha Airlines, have specials right now to the neighbor islands. 39.00 one way, this is very cheap. i usually pay much more, usually 70.00 or more one way. This is somewhat of a fair war since mesa airlines decided to get into the inter-island air transportation. All Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines have matched Mesa Airlines 39.00 fare. I booked my tickets and was half of what I usualy pay.

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This isn't your dates but I figured I would at least "troll" the waters for you.

I bid as follows with no luck:

August 13-15 (Sunday & Monday)

bid Ihilani $175.00 (Rejected)

add Airport $185.00 (Rejected)

add Exec Center $200.00 (Rejected)

Of course I am looking at different dates but it looks like it will take a fairly

high bid to get in.

Aloha, Keoni :)

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Feeling lucky tonight so I tried Priceline and the Ihilani price came

up as $319.00 and then tried the "name your own price" again

with no luck...

August 13 - 15 Tried

Ihilani Resort $200.00 Rejected added

Airport zone $210.00 Rejected added

Exec Center $225.00 Rejected

Obviously these folks aren't interested in selling rooms on Priceline

as any resort area in Waikiki can be had for less than this and will

have much more to offer. Regards and giving up on Ihilani,

Keoni :)

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