Hotwire Hotel: Help Identify 3.5* Central Phoenix

By phx,

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Thank you for the reply. I took a look at the Sierra Suites. The website lists high speed internet. So I am still leaning towards embassy suites. They also list a $64 room rate so if it is them I would be able to do the Hotwire price match thing. I noticed that there is 2.5 * suite in the same area with no restaurant. The Sierra Suites list no restaurant so I bet that is the Sierra Suites. Who knows.

Probably will try the 3.5 *. If it is the Embassy Suites it is a great deal.

This website has been very helpful. I have been able to use hotwire and pricline effectively thanks to everyones help.

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We're happy to help and thanks for the support.

With some of your other posts it would be great if followed up with your results... even if you didn't end up using Priceline or Hotwire. It's just a preference of mine, but i always think a board looks 'cleaner' if the ultimate result is posted, even if it's 1) trip got cancelled, 2) booked XYZ with Orbitz because didn't want to take the risk, 3) etc.

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This could be the biltmore embassy suites but beware theres two more embassy suites hotels in or very close to this area that I dont think your going to be very happy staying at.If u have seen the biltmore embassy you know its top of the line all the way but the other two are dumps!Just my two cents.

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