Los Angeles LAX Avis SUV

By ready.teddy,

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Turned out to be a great deal even after all the hassles at the rental agency. Place was severly understaffed. Had to wait a good 20minutes at the pickup station at the airport. Other rental buses picked up their customers and went by many times while we stood and waited. Halfway around the terminal the bus was packed and skipped the last few stops, those poor SOB's!

Only maybe a 10-15 min wait to get to the counter. The guy mentions hotline reservation but skipped the upsell and insurance sales talk. Working on computer, waiting, waiting, OK - Hows a Suz. Sidekick work for you. I wasn't really expecting this so I just said "that sounds kind of small, how about a trailblazer?" Don't have no trailblazers, how about a Pacifica? That sounds like a car, I want a truck, my contract is for a truck.

Let me check again, Ok looks like one just came in. Can't go wrong with a Chevy, huh.

Question to the board: Does this happen often when using hotwire & PL or was it just beginers luck for me?

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It seemed like I was being offered a lower category vehicle than I purchased on Hotwire. Maybe the SUV category is unique that Hotwire only shows it as being an explorer or trailblazer which would be a standard size SUV. I believe the Suz. Sidekick is an intermediate size SUV and I don't know what a Pacifica is-to me it is just a funny shaped car. What was clear was that they had the vehicle type I reserved but they really didn't want to give it to me.

Probably won't happen to me again. From reading posts on this site I think I am going to go with Priceline next time and bid on a small car expecting a small fee upgrade at the rental counter.

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