Priceline Hotel: 3* Providence (Downtown) Radisson

By dahilia,

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Just wondering if anyone has any idea about the amount they typically need to "guarantee" for each night? I'm staying three nights in Providence, and I typically use my debit card to pay for everything. I just realized payday hits one day after I'm checking in and my credit card available balance isn't especially high. Thanks for any input.

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Suggestion: put it on the credit card, if you have no choice use the debit

they usually put a larger hold if you use a debit card

sometimes it's a weird amount, it can be anywhere from $50 sometimes to the rack rate for your whole stay....I've stayed someplaces and they never put a hold or only $40 bucks or so at an expensive hotel and other times they put a few hundred dollars hold at a cheap hotel

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It's going to vary from property to property based upon geography (ie- hotels in NYC and Los Angeles will likley put a larger hold than a hotel in Deluth).

I'd call the hotel and ask them, and if the amount is too much, ask to speak to a manager and get their 'ok' for a lesser amount. If you explain the situation, and that the room is pre-paid, i don't see too much of a problem.

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the point is using a credit card will have the hotel place a hold for a certain amount on the card for X many days......eventually the charge will fall off as long as they don't need to charge you for any damages......and it will just reduce your available credit on that card

but if it's a debit card and a certain amount is held on the card for X many days which can lead to overdrafting of your bank account

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