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PB Sept19
By PB Sept19,

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On 5/1/2022 at 1:00 PM, PB Sept19 said:

Is it possible to get one hotel room for 5 in Manhattan?

Not with Priceline, but slight possibility you can get away with it on HOTWIRE when searching 2adults/2children if you're able to accurately identify the hotel and know that 1) in addition to 2 actual beds in the room there is also a pullout sofabed or, 2) that a rollaway bed can fit n the room and the hotel offers them (do limited storage space and typically small room size, many NYC hotels don't keep them on-hand).  Even with the above scenario, you may need to be 'sneaky' by only having 3-4 people go into the hotel at check-in, drop off the bags in the room, then head out to meet the 1-2 people that were walking around the city or waiting at a nearby Starbucks or other coffee shop.


So "yes", it's possible, but i think you're looking for a needle in a haystack, and the odds of a favorable (and comfortable) outcome are low.


Assuming you don't come up with anything reasonable to accommodate 5 people, i would compare prices of a 'premium' room that is designed to accommodate 5 people or book 2 rooms with HOTWIRE (which also gives you an additional bathroom which provides some additional value since all 5 people getting ready to head out for the day/evening with only one bathroom could take some considerable time away from your vacation)

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There is no bidding with HOTWIRE... they show hotel offers and prices and you can choose to move forward (or not) with any of them.


However, given your circumstances if moving forward with only one room (for 5 guests) you need to find a hotel that offers a 'Bed Choice', have one of those choices be a room with 2 Queen beds (somewhat rare in NYC, 2 Doubles is much more common), and 'know' if that hotel has rollaways; that is a LOT of stars that need to align 'just right'.


As well, i'm doubtful that $120 is going to be realistic... what is the best hotel you can find that will accommodate your needs for 5 people through traditional booking channels?


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