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By Wyotraveler,

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Hey all


I just planned a spur of the moment trip with my mom to Las Vegas for her birthday next week. When I go by myself I often using public transit, but this time decided to rent a car, as we are staying west of the strip at the Palace Station. In any event after checking multiple sites I settled on a $18/day rate through Hotwire. I got a midsize car with National. Below are the details.



  • $17.69 x 3 days : $53.07
  • Total with taxes/fees: $106.65

National website:

  • $99.17 x 3 days: $297.51
  • Total with taxes/fees: $408.66


While I was hoping to rent my car through Hertz, as I like their Gold Rewards program and ease of picking up my car, I could stomach the rates they were offering. In addition I also checked on rental locations near the hotel, but most were not open on Sunday (would use the free hotel shuttle and pick up the car the next day). In any event I do like the rate offered through Hotwire and like that is not with one of the cheaper/cut rate rental firms.

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A really nice deal... CONGRATS!


It used to be that car rental deals offered some, but not huge savings... but with the recent spike in rental car prices there can certainly be big discounts available.  This is great since 'for the most part' car rentals are somewhat of a commodity product; there is usually little difference when comparing Alamo vs. National vs. Budget, where as there can be a big difference between a Hyatt vs. Hilton vs. Marriott.


Thanks for sharing your win and have a great time in Vegas!


PS- on a recent Vegas trip I visited the Pinball Hall of Fame which was a nice way to spend an hour or so off-strip and away from the casinos (and for someone like myself who spent a large part of my teen years in arcades) and even more worthwhile if you have a car and not paying for the taxi fare to/from.  We also stopped by 'container park' which had a very cool vibe and a nice place to relax outdoors with a cocktail (again, taxi fare adds up so nice to do if you have a car (and a designated driver!)).  Lastly, we also made an impromptu visit to the Neon Museum which was expensive for what it was and a bit of a letdown.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I am posting a very late update.


National treated this reservation like I booked it through them and because I am an Emerald Club I was able to just wake out to parking garage and select the car of my choice. This made my reservation through Hotwire an even better deal. I am hoping to find something this good for next trip to coming December. 

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