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By cunparis,

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I'm having trouble finding accomodations for our family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children).  We will arrive Saturday July 10 and this date is very expensive, while Sun-Tues are affordable.  


My first question is trying to book for 5.  no casino hotels will take us.  Should we book for 4 and be descreet?  Usually (non-vegas) if I can pay for 5 I do so it's honest.  If the hotel doesn't allow it, I book for 4 and the 3 kids can sleep in the same bed.  It's never been a problem and I've done that at Bally's a few years ago too.  The risk at a small hotel is usually just an extra person charge which I'm happy to pay anyway so no downside.  For 4 nights in vegas I don't know what the downside is.  If they make me take a 2nd room it'd be very expensive. :)


Next, I'm thinking of staying in a non-casino hotel the first night and switching to the Flamingo.  The flamingo looks like it has a nice pool which the kids would enjoy, and it's one of the cheaper options.  Suprisingly cheaper than off-strip casinos.  Last time we stayed at Bally's the resort fee & parking fee ate us up, so last time we were in Vegas we stayed off the strip.  This time we'd like to be on the strip so we can go out and play some slots and enjoy some time away from the kids (2 of the kids are teenagers so they're fine to watch a movie in the room).


Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Before kids we'd priceline great deals but that was a long time ago and having 3 kids changes things a bit.




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Vegas is usually pretty easy to 'sneak' in an extra guest as there are plenty of places for the 'others' to window shop or explore parts of the hotel while 2-3 people go to the check-in desk.  However, most standard rooms at the mid-tier properties in Vegas that have 2 beds don't necessarily also have a pull-out sofabed (and if the hotel does have rollaway beds, they may not allow them in rooms with 2 beds based upon fire code)... so if you do opt to try and 'sneak in' with 5 occupancy i think there is a good chance the 3 kids will be sharing a bed regardless.  Also, keep in mind that most properties charge more for rooms with 2 beds (vs. rooms with 1 bed).


To increase your chances of not encountering any issues, i would suggest booking a PRICELINE EXPRESS / HOTWIRE deal that offers a Room Choice (with one of the choices being a room with 2 beds).



We will arrive Saturday July 10 and this date is very expensive, while Sun-Tues are affordable.

It's fairly typical in Las Vegas for weekend nites to be 2x-4x midweek rates.  You may also find this at off-strip hotels, but to a lesser degree.  However, keep in mind the time it will take to change properties as it often takes longer than expected (not to mention one hotel's check-out time being a hours before another hotel's check-in time).  Do you already have a hotel and/or price in mind for this Saturday nite, should you choose to stay a different property this first nite?


Are you flying in?  If so, are you renting a car?


What is your target budget for the 4 nites (excluding taxes, fees, etc)... and although things could change over the course of the next month, i believe Caesar's properties (which includes Bally's and Flamingo) is current not charging parking fees for guests who are staying at the hotel.


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I reserved a refundable room at Red Roof Inn (next to the Virgin hotel/casino) for the Saturday night.  I have kept an eye on rates for Sun-Wed on Cesar's website, I was hoping for Bally's which has a good pool with a deep end.  But Bally's was a bit expensive for what it is (a bit old and dated compared to the other newer hotels).  I used the BiddingHelper.com and since the hotwire promo code ends today, I booked the Venetian.  I love this tool, it takes the guess work out of it.  I booked a "hotel chooses bed type" for 2 adults & 2 children.  If we get a king with a rollaway bed that'd be fine, 2 queens would be fine too, so I think we can't loose with that one.  


Total is :



Price summary


$207.00 ($69.00 per night x 3 nights x 1 room)

Coupon applied$24.84

Taxes & fees$46.77

Promo code-$24.84

Hotwire Total (USD)$228.93

Resort fee$153.00 (Due at hotel)

Trip total (USD)$381.93

Trip total per night (USD)$127.31 (includes resort fee)


Thanks for the site and the tools and all the help.

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Congratulations on your success!

Looks like an excellent deal, especially for more than double occupancy as these rooms are so spacious!  Glad you received the hotel you were hoping for and that you continue to find the information/tools here useful!

Thank you for sharing your results and using the HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your purchase.

Have a great trip and enjoy the luxury of the Venetian!

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