Priceline Hotel: My first time travelling to NYC and a bit of a noob

By lonsu,

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A warm hello


This is my first time posting and working my head around price line and hot wire. 


My total trip length  is between the 11th Feb - 28th Feb.  I plan to spend 11th feb to 21st feb in New York but still very flexible of the nunber of days.  


I am looking at staying in Brooklyn (Park slope, Bushwick). I am open minded to a location and don't mind travelling up to 45 mins to an hour.  I am aware i am going in the low season so i hoping to get a good deal on a hotel. 


Any suggestions? 

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Welcome to BetterBidding!


As this is low season in NYC (and hotels may be pricing aggressively based upon the current environment) why stay in Brooklyn... why not in Manhattan so you'll be more centrally located?  I'm assuming you're considering staying outside of Manhattan to save money, but chances are you're not really going to be saving that much to make it worthwhile, imo.


Since your options/decisions will most likely be based upon your budget, let's start with an idea of how much you're expecting to spend (per nite before fees/taxes) and we'll have a look at your options and take it from there.

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Thank you Kindly!


A few friends have recommended staying Brooklyn and how it is not as busy as Manhattan. I also don't mind travelling half n hour to 45 mins on the subway. 


I did see a great deal which in Brooklyn was $60 dollars and included the hilton hotel in brooklyn.  But for some reason i think i missed the deal as i cant see it. 


i am looking at low as possible as it is an off peak time.  I am looking at around $60-$75. I would be open minded if there was a good deal that was more.





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23 hours ago, lonsu said:

A few friends have recommended staying Brooklyn and how it is not as busy as Manhattan.

It's your trip, so you know your needs best, but why stay in Brooklyn if most of your time is going to be in Manhattan?  The only reason to stay in Brooklyn would be to save money, and maybe a deal comes along that makes a Brooklyn stay worthwhile (you should also consider Long Island City, Hoboken, and/or Jersey City if there is a hotel along the waterfront (not all Jersey City hotels are well located))... but generally speaking i think you have just as good of a chance of getting a deal at a Manhattan hotel for about the same price.  The issue that may hurt you in finding a Manhattan hotel would be that most charge resort fees now, so if Brooklyn hotels are not charging a resort fee, that will be the primary difference when it comes to budget.  However, i'll reiterate that staying in Manhattan should be worth a premium, imo, you don't want to spend 10% of your vacation time commuting... and if coming to NYC, 'the city that never sleeps', why are you looking for some place that is 'not as busy'... your hotel will be quiet enough to offer you respite from your busy days.


23 hours ago, lonsu said:

included the hilton hotel in brooklyn

If you're not sure if this was indeed the Hilton or not, start using our BiddingHelper.com tool in order to search as it will indicate the likely underlying hotel for each offer.


Just as an example, this 3 star Lower East Side - Chinatown hotel for $80/nite (appearing to be the Wyndham Garden Chinatown) would be a better option and worth the extra $20/nite vs. staying in Brooklyn.  It's not the most central location in Manhattan, but it would be a better and more convenient option.


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Your thoughts?

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