Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Sturgeon Bay (Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin) Best Western Maritime Inn

By chris20,

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Our trip is far in the future, but I wanted to have the first hotels booked, even in this area, where there are not so many hotels. I thought that maybe in August it could get full soon in Door County.

Not really a big bargain, but it saved nearly 70 $ compared to a booking through Best Western directly. We booked two Queen bed rooms, so it was slighty more expensive than the room with double beds.

Including taxes and after a Hotwire Coupon discount code sent by email it was 216 USD for 1 night and two rooms.

The amenities are:

Free Breakfast

Free Internet

Free Parking

Pet Friendly

Indoor Pool



Handicap Accessible


Thank you for the help on your website. Your BiddingHelper.com identified the hotel perfectly.


Greetings from cold Munich, Germany


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Congratulations on your success!

Nice to see you're happy with the win... $70 savings on a $99 purchase seems like a pretty good discount, imo.


We're happy to hear you like the new feature(s) at BiddingHelper.com and it was helpful with your purchase!

Thank you for sharing your win with the board.

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Enjoy your stay.

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I'm quite familiar with this area and that is absolutely a good price for Door County in the Summer. Usually, decent prices are had only around late May/early June (where it can still be cold) and October if Fall colors are lesser than usual.


There's a terrific Walmart across the street from this Best Western property for snacks or other needs. Additionally, since this property is at the top end of Sturgeon Bay, a bit closer/better jumping off point to explore the rest of Door County. I'm a fan of Lautenbach's Orchard (which is a little bit South of downtown Fish Creek, https://www.orchardcountry.com/), Macreadys (Egg Harbor, https://macreadys.com/breads),  Wilson's Ice Cream (https://wilsonsicecream.com/, In Ephraim) and the Farm is a fun stop that has been there since I was a kid (http://www.thefarmindoorcounty.com/farm-fun/, in Sturgeon Bay not far from your hotel - that's only about 3.4mi away.) Of course, there's Al Johnsons (http://www.aljohnsons.com/) with the goats on the roof - prepare to wait to be seated if it's a busy (or sometimes even if it's a not busy) time of year. 


If you are driving up from Chicago to Door County, it's really pretty straightforward. You'll take 90 downtown and then get off on i-94 and head North until you reach the North suburbs. Right after the Dundee Road exit, there is a turnoff for 94 - this will take you West to where 94 continues. If you stay on the road, it turns into 41. 94 is (usually) a bit faster but you will encounter toll booths. There are no toll booths in Wisconsin.


Shortly after you pass into Wisconsin, you'll see the exit for 50. 50 is a good place to stop if you want to take a quick break. There's a Starbucks, McDonalds, the Brat Stop (a Wisconsin institution) and a Woodman's grocery (a reasonably priced/employee owned Midwestern chain that has massive stores.) 


Back on 94 heading North, a short distance North of the 50 exit, there's the 142 exit - on the West side of the road is Mars Cheese Castle, a popular stop devoted to selling all manner of cheese - and the building is actually made to look like a castle.


Keep heading North on 94 and you'll get into Milwaukee. 94 continues West, so i-41 and i-43 are your choices to go North - both end up in Green Bay, and you jump off from there to Door County. Personally, I've taken both and significantly prefer 43. Scenery a bit nicer, more places to stop if needed along the way. Just to the North of Milwaukee off 43, there's Cedarburg (http://www.cedarburg.org/), which is a very historic, charming small town. Further North - about halfway to Green Bay - there's Kohler and Sheboygan. 


Continuing North on 43 getting close to Green Bay, there is a somewhat hidden waterfall park not too far off the highway. Fonferek Falls (https://www.gowaterfalling.com/waterfalls/fonferek.shtml) is a bit treacherous (there are signs) but very pretty if there's been recent rain. If there hasn't been, it may be dry. There is a parking lot next to a very pretty farm owned by the most recent generation of the family that has owned the land. There is a path at the end of the parking lot that winds around and heads towards the Falls. 


When you're going into Green Bay, look for the exit to 57 to Sturgeon Bay. You will take that the remainder of the way. This didn't used to exist and getting up to Door County used to require a longer side road journey. Not too long after being on 57, you will get into Wequiock. Slightly off the road, there is a little park that has another small waterfall (https://gowaterfalling.com/waterfalls/wequiock.shtml) although again, if it's been a dry season there may not be much to see. After you get onto 57 in Green Bay and start heading North it's a straightforward and pretty quick trip the remainder of the way to Sturgeon Bay.


Enjoy your stay.




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Dear Aaron, thank you very much for your hint that is extremly helpful. Here in Germany the Great Lakes are not such a popular area compared to Florida, New England or the southwest area including California. So it's hard to find hints.

Our next stop on the planned tour will be Green Bay for one night and afterwards two nights in Marquette area. At Marquette i'm not sure which is a good hotel, in Munising there would be a holiday Inn at the lake. Do you know this area as well?

Have a good Christmas time!

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Happy to help! 


It's definitely a nice drive up from Chicago to Door County and it's really a pretty straightforward trip.


Green Bay hotel options are fairly plentiful for a mid-sized town and there are some options fairly close by in De Pere and Ashwaubenon. It depends on what you're looking for/if you need to be near a particular area.  I've also stayed in Appleton near Green Bay, but if you're heading up to Marquette in Michigan then Appleton would be backtracking too much and starts to get a little too out of the way to the South. Marquette has fewer options, but depends on the day and what you are looking for in terms of location/desired budget.


Please start new threads for each of those stops and we would be very happy to help suggest available options that fit what you're looking for.


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