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  1. Just an other Priceline Coupon from Priceline, which I couldn`t resist 🙂 Booked for our one night stay at Cleveland in August 2020. With the coupon (15%) we pay 208 USD for 2 rooms/1 nite incl. taxes. So it`s about 73 USD before taxes per room and night. BiddingHelper.com was right again. The amenities were: Free Internet Available Free Breakfast No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Free Internet Access We are satisfied with the win. Nothing very special, but good for one night and very central. Also including
  2. Merry Christmas everybody!🎅 Got a discount code for Priceline Express (12%). Used it for our upcoming stay in August at Detroit. I hope Downtown is a safe area. The hotel looks quite nice and I didn`t find any hotels with lower star ratings and a lower price, so I took the deal. BiddingHelper.com was right, so again very useful. Used the link provided there. Amenities were: Pets Allowed Fitness Center Business Center Restaurant No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool The price was 132 $ per room/nite befor
  3. Dear Aaron, thank you very much for your hint that is extremly helpful. Here in Germany the Great Lakes are not such a popular area compared to Florida, New England or the southwest area including California. So it's hard to find hints. Our next stop on the planned tour will be Green Bay for one night and afterwards two nights in Marquette area. At Marquette i'm not sure which is a good hotel, in Munising there would be a holiday Inn at the lake. Do you know this area as well? Have a good Christmas time!
  4. Thank you very much! We will take a cab especially as it will be about 2am german time when we leave the airport (Munich is 7 hours in front of Chicago) and we all will be very tired. So it`s more comfortable and I hope at about 7pm the traffic will be okay. Have a nice day, Christian
  5. Our trip is far in the future, but I wanted to have the first hotels booked, even in this area, where there are not so many hotels. I thought that maybe in August it could get full soon in Door County. Not really a big bargain, but it saved nearly 70 $ compared to a booking through Best Western directly. We booked two Queen bed rooms, so it was slighty more expensive than the room with double beds. Including taxes and after a Hotwire Coupon discount code sent by email it was 216 USD for 1 night and two rooms. The amenities are: Free Breakfast Free Internet Free Pa
  6. Thank you very much for your help! So we better invest the money for the cab than taking public transportation and have to change the lines with the luggage. After our stay at Chicago we rent a car at hertz. Midway would have a choiceline, but at 9.30 am it may take some time with uber or the orange line. Do you know a good hertz station in Chicago? With the reviews it's difficult as satisfied customers rarely write a review. Best wishes, Christian
  7. Thank you very much for your help. As also all AirBnBs were more expensive or far away and on the website of the Ambassador the price for one room is higher than now at priceline for two rooms, I made the booking. We took Kingbeds in the 2 rooms, so it`s a bit more expensive than the price of 99$ for the Queenbed. It is the Ambassador Chicago (surprise😉) with the already mentioned amenities (should I repeat them?) for that total: Room: 102x4x2=816 USD Taxes: 182,64 USD Coupon: -40,80 USD (of course your Priceline Coupon and booked through your site) Total: 957,8
  8. Hello, our family of 4 is travelling at the end of July 2020 to Chicago for a trip across the Great Lakes. The flight arrives at 6.30 pm at O'Hare and we plan to stay first at Chicago before going north. I know that questition isn't allowed😁 but maybe it's to early to look right now? For our last trip to the States we were later with all our hotel bookings. But in Chicago there's the Lollapalooza festival exactly at our dates and prices are high. It seems to be a big thing and we can't see the fountain at the park from Al Bundy😥 If it would be a great bargain we could change o
  9. Just booked the Holiday Inn Paris Marne La Vallee for one nite in August for 61 $, after using the hotwire discount code provided at your site we pay now 56 $ for one room. This is okay, as on the hotel site it`s a much higher price (about 84 $ before taxes). Booked via the HOTWIRE link provided here. The hotel doesn`t seem to be a dream hotel (e.g. no pool), but perfect for visiting Disneyland by train or car within 25 minutes. We are happy. Amenities: Free internet, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access Greetings f
  10. Just booked the Holiday Inn Express in Leland NC (Wilmington NC Area). I couldn't choose this zone at this post, so I chose a nearby zone in the post. Maybe this could be removed to the right zone. The normal price is 106 usd before or 117 usd after tax. So not a big bargain, but with the 20 $ off coupon quite interesting. Paid 94,85 $ with taxes instead of 117 $ so about 22 $ savings. As we always need two rooms, I booked for my wife also with the coupon. With my account I couldn't use it twice. So overall satisfied with the deal. What hotel it would be was mostly clear and it get
  11. Probably not a very popular deal, but we needed a hotel to stay near the south entrance of the skyline drive, which will lead us the next morning finally to Washington DC with some hiking in between. At the arrival day we will visit the Grand Caverns nearby. As the prices at Priceline Express were rising, the hotel directly would have been about 104$ (225$ incl. tax for 2 rooms), with PRICELINE EXPRESS it would have been 77 $ (189$ including tax for 2 rooms) with these amenities (listed at the winning page of PRICELINE NYOP): Free Breakfast Free Internet (in Room) Free Park
  12. After discussing with the family we have chosen the Hyatt House because it's a new property and breakfast is included and theres a free shuttle to the Mall. Hope it will work. Thank you so much for your hints.
  13. Thank you so much for your help, although it makes the decision more difficult. I think our kids can handle a buisness hotel as well.
  14. Thank you very much. Sorry for another question: Would the Marriott at Wardman Park be more convenient? As it is mostly a business hotel, it may not be perfect for a tourist stay with a family.
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