Priceline Hotel: 4* Chicago (Magnificent Mile -Gold Coast) Ambassador Chicago

By chris20,

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our family of 4 is travelling at the end of July 2020 to Chicago for a trip across the Great Lakes. The flight arrives at 6.30 pm at O'Hare and we plan to stay first at Chicago before going north.


I know that questition isn't allowed😁 but maybe it's to early to look right now? For our last trip to the States we were later with all our hotel bookings. But in Chicago there's the Lollapalooza festival exactly at our dates and prices are high. It seems to be a big thing and we can't see the fountain at the park from Al Bundy😥 If it would be a great bargain we could change our stay in Chicago and start the roundtrip after landing and do Chicago at the end, but I would prefer the big city at the beginning.


But now there's a quite good deal at priceline express, so I would be very glad, if you could give me a hint, if I should take this opportunity:

Dates: 07/30/2020 - 08/03/2020, 2 Rooms

Priceline Express, 99 USD/Nite before taxes = 970 USD for 2 rooms and 4 nites incl. taxes+fees

Magnificant Mile / Gold Coast, 4*, 7+ guest Rating

Hotel Amenities

Free Internet Available

Pets Allowed

No Smoking Rooms/Facilities

Fitness Center

Handicapped Rooms/Facilities

Business Center


Free Internet Access


I'm pretty sure it's the Ambassador. Not bad, but a bit north and needs 2 lines of L from the airport (blue/red if I see it right - not ideal after 10 h flight and being 3am at local time in Germany). But the price seems to be really good. The last days I always had the Knickerbocker as priceline deal for 1,060 USD just for 3 nites. After adding one nite the Ambassador came up with a lower price.


Thank you very much for your help. If you think, I should just wait till the beginning of 2020, this would also be very helpful. On thd other hand 99 $ seems to be a good price.


Greeting from Munich, Christian


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I helped a relative get a hotel in Chicago during Lalapalooza this past year, he was not going for that event, but planned a trip that 'just so happened' to be during the event.  There is no telling if prices this year will move in a similar fashion as they did last year, but prices remained high but came a little lower about 2 weeks before the trip (he ultimately paid about low $200's, so even though prices dropped a bit they were still well about the $99 price of this offer).  However, that is cutting it very close unless you have a reasonable back-up plan (and even more difficult if this is part of an otherwise bigger trip, where there are other moving parts/itineraries involved).  Anyway, with the above noted, for this one:


4* Magnificent Mile - Gold Coast (<-- CLICK HERE and confirm your dates on the landing page) for $99/nite with:

Free Internet Available

Pets Allowed

No Smoking Rooms/Facilities

Fitness Center

Handicapped Rooms/Facilities

Business Center


Free Internet Access

==> best guess would indeed be The Ambassador


If you do choose to wait, i would book something thru RefundableRates.com that would be refundable up until a few days before your arrival, at least this way you are protected from rates moving substantially higher from here (or if hotels begin to sell-out for the event)... and can also take advantage of any lower prices that come along (although sub-$100 may be difficult to beat)


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Let us know what you decide and how it goes or how we can be of further help.


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Thank you very much for your help. As also all AirBnBs were more expensive or far away and on the website of the Ambassador the price for one room is higher than now at priceline for two rooms, I made the booking. We took Kingbeds in the 2 rooms, so it`s a bit more expensive than the price of 99$ for the Queenbed.


It is the Ambassador Chicago (surprise😉) with the already mentioned amenities (should I repeat them?) for that total:

Room: 102x4x2=816 USD

Taxes: 182,64 USD

Coupon: -40,80 USD (of course your Priceline Coupon and booked through your site)

Total: 957,84 USD


We are satisfied and if necessary we will invest the saved money into Uber or Lyft. As we wanted to go to Lincoln Park anyway, the location very far north is okay. For a busy time in Chicago it seems to be a good deal.


A last Question: Is it safe to go with the public transportion at about 8 pm leaving from O`Hare to the hotel or should we take an Uber (do they have larger cars at the airport as 4 trolleys have to get in the trunk/car?)

Have a nice day and thank you very much!

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Congratulations on your success... a very nice deal, and as you point out, any savings can go towards making your commute/travel throughout the trip a bit easier.


I'm not local to the Chicago area, but as far as i know travel at 8pm will not be an issue (i'm assuming on the Blue Line which is what takes you from O'Hare to the 'downtown' area... once downtown you may need an additional transfer).  If you do decide to take a taxi i'm sure they will have one (ie- a small SUV, minivan, or one with a large trunk) that can handle your luggage and accommodate you... if you decide to Uber/Lyft there are options for a larger vehicle and i would opt for that since many of the 'standard' vehicles are of the smaller economy type and 4 people with 4 pieces of luggage would more than likely be a bit tight.  Taxi/Uber pick up passengers (and their luggage) at the airport all of the time, so they should be prepared to accommodate families of 4 (or even 5) plus luggage.


To add, i highly recommend any location of Lou Malnati's for an excellent rendition of Chicago Deep Dish.:smile:


Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your bidding.


Have a great trip!


EDIT TO ADD: i don't use Uber that much, but i just checked on my mobile, they have a class of service called 'UberXL' which accommodates up to 6 passengers, so a vehicle such as this should easily accommodate 4 people with luggage (they also offer UberSUV but this is substantially more expensive than UberXL and i suspect that 'XL' should meet your needs unless all 4 piece of luggage are extremely oversized)

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I'd consider taking a taxi or Uber at 8 if possible. The Ambassador is at the top end of the zone in the Gold Coast area - while not central in the city as a whole, it's an easy walk from here to the top end of the Michigan Ave area and on a nice day it's an also an easy walk to the North of here to Lincoln Park, as well as to Old Town. There's also  a Red Line station a few blocks away, too. The Ambassador is in a residential area unlike all of the other downtown properties, so there is a little less street noise than most hotels. 


This is a historic property with a famed restaurant and was considerably renovated a few years ago when it became the Public Hotel. The structure still is older, but they did a very nice job giving the interior a facelift when that change occurred. I'm very familiar with the city and happy to answer any questions.

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Thank you very much for your help! So we better invest the money for the cab than taking public transportation and have to change the lines with the luggage.

After our stay at Chicago we rent a car at hertz. Midway would have a choiceline, but at 9.30 am it may take some time with uber or the orange line. Do you know a good hertz station in Chicago? With the reviews it's difficult as satisfied customers rarely write a review.

Best wishes, Christian

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I'm looking at Yelp reviews for Hertz in downtown Chicago and none of them have particularly great reviews; this one at the Hyatt on Wacker is mixed but better overall than most locations - https://www.yelp.com/biz/hertz-rent-a-car-chicago-20). It would depend on which way you're heading after Chicago - if you're going that way you could either try a downtown Hertz and be on your way or it's not difficult to get to Midway on the Orange line (and is a quicker trip than from downtown to O'Hare.) Later at night coming from O'Hare, I'd definitely take a cab/uber if possible - that's a fairly long ride plus the line switch once you get downtown. The Red Line station is a few blocks West of the Ambassador. 


Definitely let me know if you have any other city questions at all.



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Thank you very much! We will take a cab especially as it will be about 2am german time when we leave the airport (Munich is 7 hours in front of Chicago) and we all will be very tired. So it`s more comfortable and I hope at about 7pm the traffic will be okay.

Have a nice day, Christian

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