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By hikergirl,

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Hi, I need a long term rental in Las Vegas while my husband searches for a new car. Since Priceline no longer allows NYOP for rental cars, I'm trying to use express deals. When I put in various dates, I get $13/day deals -- which is great. But then the taxes and fees are almost as much as the rental itself! For a 4 week rental they basically double the price from 350 to 700! Is this a function renting at the airport -- would it be better to drive a ways and rent outside las Vegas? Yikes. Any help appreciated. 

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Yes, it would likely be cheaper to rent from a 'local' location rather than from the airport.

You can also try HOTWIRE even keeping an eye out for the 'regular' rates as they often have good pricing relative to other sources.


Also, if you plan on using your credit card for any of the collision insurance, keep in mind that some of them may not provide coverage on a rental over 'x' days, so it would pay to consult with them first.


A few years back i had a need for a 35 day (if i recall correctly) rental and i was able to sign up with Amex's premium insurance... it provided primary collision insurance for a flat fee per rental.  For about $35-$40 total (so just about $1/day) it covered me for any damage to the car and i wouldn't need to file a claim with my own insurance company; i thought that was a good deal since we would be driving a lot in a city that we were unfamiliar with.

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Hi, thank you for the advice re Hotwire. They were a little cheaper. Not sure I'm searching correctly -- the airport, even with the taxes, is still the lowest rate, but the taxes are outrageous! Instead of putting in the airport location, I just put in Las Vegas, NV -- does that give me all locations? Or should I try something different?

I know about the 30 day rule -- I think my car insurance will cover me in the US, but I have to check. I'm sort of resigned to changing cars every 30 days, because it seems like the rentals are not any cheaper for > 30 days. Thank you for your help! If you have any suggestions about my search, do let me know. 

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You can user nearby cities as well to see if that shows you any local rental locations, but with HOTWIRE you can see the difference in locations under the description (some examples from a search i just did for 'Henderson, NV'... i have bolded the location for emphasis)



Toyota Corolla or similar

McCarran Intl. Airport(LAS)

8.9 miles from your location



Chevrolet Spark or similar

151 North Gibson Road 110, Henderson

3.3 miles from your location



Hyundai Elantra or similar

534 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson

4.7 miles from your location



Hyundai Elantra or similar

1050 W Warm Springs Rd, Henderson

4.6 miles from your location


Airport rental locations are an easy target to raise taxes for airport improvements... local residents rarely need to rent from the airport so it's easy to get voter approval to add/increase taxes on rental cars at the airport.

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