Priceline Hotel: 4.5* New York (Madison Square Garden - Convention Area) Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan

By KenD,

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Hi - followed your Priceline NYOP link.  I appreciate the info you provide and wanted to add to the database!  I had assumed 4.5* in this zone would get me the hotel I won (or possibly TRYP by Windham).  Placed a bid for $150 that was rejected.  Added a second zone that had no 4.5* hotels and increased my bid to $160.  That put the room at $598.20 with "taxes and service fees."Wasn't immediately accepted; took 15 minutes. 


I placed my bid knowing this hotel charged a $30/night resort fee.  I was prepared to pay that in addition to my winning bid, but I was curious to see how Priceline would handle it and I was hoping that would be included in my final price.  It was not.  I'm a little miffed at how Priceline handles this.  When placed my bid, the review page showed 3 x $160 for the three nights + $118.20 Taxes/Fees, total $598.20.  AFTER I won, I was told that I'd pay $598.20 to Priceline and that I would be charged $103 at check-in. I assume Priceline relies on this fine print buried (IMO) on the review page:


  •  The credit card is required for any additional hotel specific service fees or incidental charges or fees that may be charged by the hotel to the customer at checkout. These charges may be mandatory (e.g., resort fees) or optional (parking, phone calls or minibar charges) and are not included in your offer price.


I saved $82 off booking directly through IHG, and I'm staying at the hotel I wanted, but I probably wouldn't have given up my flexibility to jump on a better deal in the next week if I had known for certain my savings would only have been 10%.  I can see where someone else who didn't know this was possible might be angry to think they were offering $600 only to find they "won"... and paid $700.


Again, thanks for being resource for us cheapskates 😄 


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Congratulations on your success!

Glad to see you received the hotel you were hoping for... the reviews for this property are excellent and it's very centrally located.


Priceline now usually does show you the potential resort fee amount.  This Crowne Plaza only recently started to charge a resort fee so it may not be updated in Priceline's systems just yet, but if you want to see an example of where the resort fee is shown, go to BiddingForHotelRooms.com and choose a 4 star hotel in this same Madison Square Garden zone (or you can choose a 4.5 star in the Central Park zone) and you'll see something like this:



Offer Price Per Room, Per Night:US$ 160.00

Subtotal:US$ 480.00

Taxes and Service Fees:US$ 118.20

Total Room Charges*:US$ 598.20

Hotel Fee:US$ 82.00

Total Cost*:US$ 680.20

No surprises! Total cost includes estimated hotel fees (e.g resort fees). Your total cost will never be higher than displayed above.


Do note though that when the resort fee is shown it's not specifically for the hotel that you will win if your bid is accepted (in fact, at this point in the bidding process priceline has not yet even checked inventory for your dates), but instead it's the hotel in the zone with the highest resort fee... so priceline is basically showing you a 'worst case scenario' should you receive the hotel in the zone that has the highest resort fee.  Of course if you ultimately receive a hotel with a resort fee that is less than the amount shown (or no resort fee), you will pay the lesser amount (or none at all if none is charged by the hotel).

Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your bidding.

Enjoy your stay.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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