Priceline Hotel: 3* Philadelphia (Center City East - Convention Center) Hampton Inn Philadelphia Center City-Convention Center

By gr8fultraveler,

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The Express deal was $89 dollars, but we saved $4 bucks per room by bidding "Name your own Price".  Because we were bidding for a three star, and certain areas didn't offer more than a 2.5 star, we could incrementally add other areas to increase our number of bids as the board members here taught us.  So instead of one bid, we were able to do 5 bids.  We decided the range of bids would be over $20 dollars and divided $20 by our number of bids.  We guessed we might win a bid between $65 to $85 (just below the express deal price). 


1st bid started at $65 just bidding on #3 Center City East Philadelphia.  Priceline asked if we wanted to bid $93, which would instantly guarantee a win.  We declined the offer since the Express deal was only $89 and less than the new price Priceline offered.

2nd bid.  We added the location 1. Bellmar and bid for $70, which was rejected. 

3rd bid.  We added 5. Cinnaminson for $75, which was rejected. 

4th bid, we added Philadelphia Airport South, at $80, rejected.   

5th and final bid $85 and added #15. Voorhees and won!


After we were done, I realized there are coupons for Priceline both for the "Name your own Price" and for Express Deals!  OOPS!  Totally missed that one!  It's one of the tabs above (Priceline Coupons).  So remember to check the coupon section!  I could have saved more.  But I'm grateful for my win and the money I saved.  Good ENOUGH! LOL!  Happy Bidding!  Thank you for everyone's help.  Really appreciate all your help over the years!

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Congrats on your success. 


Very good deal for this Philadelphia Hampton Inn property! Glad you are pleased with the result and are looking forward to your stay.


Thanks so much for your compliments on Betterbidding, they are greatly appreciated.


Thank you for sharing your win and using the site's PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to start your purchases and searches.


Enjoy your stay.

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