Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Orlando (Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek) Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort

By Seven76,

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There are 7 of us on this trip. Rather than getting two rooms, we wanted to stay in a condo or suite that would house all of us. I used Hotwire but was unable to search using the number of guests (it forces you to add an additional room if your party is over 4). Luckily I noticed in the amenities filter that you can narrow your search by a 1 or 2 bedroom suite. I chose the 2 bedroom option and was able to find this property with a two bedroom suite accommodating 8 people. It was easy to narrow it down to Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort by the bed sizes in the two bedroom. My only concern is that I had no way to indicate on Hotwire that there are actually 7 of us, not 4. I hope that doesn't change the price when we check in (additional fees) however we are within the number of people allowed for the room type. Overall I'm really pleased with this win.


Price summary


$278.00 ($139.00 per night x 2 nights x 1 room)

Hotwire Coupon applied$13.90 (THANK YOU BETTER BIDDING!)

Taxes & fees$64.25

Promo code-$13.90

Trip total (USD)$328.35

Trip total per night (USD)$164.18


Free parking, Free Internet, 1-bedroom suite, 2-bedroom suite, Full kitchen, Smoke-free rooms, Air conditioning, Laundry in room, Children's activities, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), 24-hour front desk, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Kitchenette

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Congratulations on your success!

Glad to see you found something that works well for your needs and that you're happy with the outcome.


You can mitigate any issues when checking in by not having all 7 people go to the check-in desk at once.  If you're arriving separately just have the first group (or even just 2 of the first group) go to the desk at check-in OR if everyone is arriving together just have two people (or 4 if you included 4 guests in your search) go to the front desk at checkin while the others wonder in the lobby or start to explore the property.  Then you can share key cards over the two days or go to the front desk later and ask for additional key cards.

Thank you for sharing your results and using the HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your purchase.

Enjoy your stay.

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  • 3 years later...

When you booked into Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort did you actually receive  two bedroom suite?  We had a reservation for there also.  Did exactly what you did picked a 2 bedroom suite, we called the hotel for a few other questions. They told us we were booked for a 1 bedroom not two.  Notified hotwire and they said you can't pick amenities for hot rate deals. After speaking with a supervisor, they informed us that if a hotel offers a 1 bedroom suite/2 bedroom suite the hotel has the option.  Ironically, I had a chat on hotwire prior to selecting the 2 bedroom suite to make sure we would not get a 1 bedroom suite.  I didn't think it was necessary to save my chat link and a 1 bedroom suite won't work for us. 

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Is the hotel still offered for your dates, if so, what are the dates so we can replicate your search and have a look.


Does your confirmation page from HOTWIRE show the bed/room type selected?


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Right now it is $275, it was $185 ($659 total 3 days with discount) when we booked.


used 2 bedroom amenity and four  hotels came up

3.5 star condo

walt disney world Bonnet Creek Area


I messaged hotwire alot and this was the final answer I received from them. 


Allow me to clarify further this matter. When you checked that amenity (2 bedroom suite) on the list as you did on the screenshot you showed when you used the app, it will only alter the results to show the deals for hotels that offer that feature. However, does not guarantee that the hotel selected will provide you that exact room type.


I had chatted previously before making the reservation, to make sure I would get a 2 bedroom suite if I picked that amenity.  I was told yes, but then I didn't think it was necessary to save my chat before making the reservation. Hotwire said I needed to provide info for said chat.  It just never occurred to me that if you choose amenities the hotel doesn't have to provide them.  Not sure why the amenities are offered if not provided.  No the confirmation did not have 2 bedroom suite.  When the booking was made and ti shows you the hotel received, there was a dot over the 2 bedroom suite and nothing over the 1 bedroom suite so we didn't anticipate any issues at all.  



Thank you for any clarity and assistance you can provide.



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I did just notice this time when I checked at the higher price it had a pick room. Only 1 king bed was offered now . This was not the case of my original booking. It was just book now. But if you search for different dates like May 23 to 27, you will get the same thing I got with just the reserve button.  

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Thank you for providing the information above, I see the reason for the confusion (and some suggestions as to how best to proceed at this point)...


As you indicated (and for anyone following along) HOTWIRE lists 1BR and 2BR as amenities for this property, and although neither are actually amenities per se (i would more so classify these as 'room type/configurations', i do see the reason/benefit for HOTWIRE including them in this section (so that search results can be filtered/sorted).  When you think about it, a room can't be both 1BR and 2BR, these are actually mutually exclusive as the room you are ultimately assigned can be either 1BR or 2BR... but obviously not both.  So for anyone that is considering booking this hotel (or something similar in the future where both 1BR and 2BR are shown as amenities), note that the only one to ensure the room configuration you are needing is to select the specific ROOM TYPE desired (when a choice is offered)... when no option is offered it will likely be up to the hotel and what is available at check-in.


So what to do at this point:
I'm still not certain of your actual dates, but using the a subset of the dates you provided above it appears that the rate difference between the 1BR and 2BR suite at the hotel website is ~$30/nite. 


I would start by calling the hotel, and without mentioning any existing reservation at this point, inquire as to the cost of 1BR and a 2BR suites for your dates to ensure that a 2BR is currently available for your dates, and if so, what the price difference is between each room type (1BR vs 2BR). 


At this point now let the person on the phone that you have an existing reservation (provide them the hotel confirmation number provided by HOTWIRE) and how much it would cost to upgrade to a 2BR suite.  Assuming if it's ~$30/nite (or some other number that is close to the difference in room cost for a 1BR vs 2BR suite for your dates) you may want to simply agree to pay the amount upon check-in, assuming the amount is acceptable to you to have the issue resolved and ensure the room type you need.  If the amount to upgrade is much more than the price difference per nite between the current 1BR vs 2BR room rates, explain to the person on the phone that you would like to upgrade if the cost would be the price difference between the two room types (which seems fair to both you and the hotel).


If the hotel is sold-out of 2BR suites for your dates and/or is not willing to upgrade the reservation at any price, then you'll have to try to reach back out to HOTWIRE (via email is fine if you have some time before your stay... phone better if your stay is much closer to arrival).  Once again briefly explain the situation strictly keeping to the root of the issue, which (as i have come understand it and what i believe the problem to be) is that the hotel shows both a 1BR and 2BR description, which is not really possible for the room that you would be assigned.  You would like to reach some sort of compromise before escalating the issue any further since you believe you each have some level of 'responsibility' in the situation... you for not making a screenshot or receiving an email transcript of the chat and them for not making the 1BR vs 2BR room assignment clear from the description that they provided (which you did try to clarify before purchase, but don't have anything to prove it).  See what they offer (if anything) and/or offer your own suggestion as to what would be fair.

NOTE: i'm not suggesting that you are or are not at fault, but trying to offer an objective approach to have to resolve the current situation so that both parties walk away thinking that it was a fair outcome... each side usually needs to give a little, even if the 'giving' is accepting some of the responsibility even if deep down you don't feel that you ultimately were responsible. 


ideally you can upgrade directly with the hotel for a reasonable amount, but if not and HOTWIRE doesn't offer anything reasonable, my 'counter-offer' would be to have them cancel the reservation and the amount paid be offered in 'Hot Dollars' (HOTWIRE's version of a gift certificate) which can be used for a future HOTWIRE purchase.  This helps you re-book for something that does work for your plans while also ensuring HOTWIRE that you give them another try in the future.


It has been awhile since i had to directly deal with HOTWIRE's customer service, and while i know they have greatly improved over the years, it can still be frustrating and difficult to get somebody on the phone to actually listen to the situation, understand the problem, and have the authority to offer a solution (often it has to go up the chain which it appears you have already tried and/or are in the process of doing)


Any questions / comments regarding the above feel free to ask.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Thank you.  We already cancelled the reservation.  I would have understood this better if I didn't pick the amenity 2 bedroom and this hotel came up.  I realize it said 1 bedroom/2 bedroom but thought the 2 bedroom amenity meant something.  I know some hotels go to an option of room selections this one did not. It just had the "reserve" button.  At this point it's over but do appreciate you clarifying some things.  As far as hotwire customer service with this issue, I was happy to receive a refund.  We spoke to several different agents and received so many contradicting responses which was frustrating.  Thank you again.


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