Priceline Hotel: San Juan, Puerto Rico 5* Jan 2019

By TCWindsorUK,

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I am a newbie to this site, having found it by accident whilst researching the best deal I could get for a pre-cruise and post-cruise hotel stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We will be there on 4th January, 2019 for 1 night and 17th January, 2019 for 1 night. I don't really have a budget, although I don't really want to go above $300 for each



I have not yet used PL or Hotwire but have been playing with them over the last few days. It looks like fun! I am aware of the consequences of bidding, which I accept, as

we're not set on any particular hotel or chain. Largely, whatever we get is not hugely important as we're only staying for 1 night each time. It's now all about the game!


I've been looking at PRICELINE EXPRESS. (Sorry, I don't know how to put the link in?) for 4* and 5*.


The 4* Casino Hotel in PRICELINE EXPRESS looks like the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino.
Retail says 8.1 Guest Rating with 908 Reviews - Price £214, PRICELINE EXPRESS says 8+ Guest Rating, 900 Reviews - Price £123

Using the Retail filters, there are only 4 hotels in Condado offered that have a Casino, UNLESS the PRICELINE EXPRESS can offer a hotel that is NOT offered on the Retail list. Is this possible?


I've done a similar search for 5* Hotels, and Retail only offers 1 hotel (Condado Vanderbilt). Am I correct in assuming that it must be this one on the PRICELINE EXPRESS?


I now also want to have a look at bidding but have no idea where to start and which bidding strategy to use. I'll be happy with the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals, to be honest, but want to push

a little further for the fun of it.


I would, therefore, be grateful for the benefit of your advice and knowledge.

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Welcome to Betterbidding. :biggrin:


PRICELINE "Name Your Own Price" is generally slightly-to-mildly cheaper but - as you noted - you risk getting any hotel at that star rating in that zone. The retail side (or what is showing on PRICELINE EXPRESS) does not guarantee what may show up via bidding. You may get a hotel not showing on the retail side for your dates.


PRICELINE EXPRESS is slightly-to-mildly more expensive, but there is a real value in the information given which allows for an educated guess as to which hotels are showing.


On PRICELINE EXPRESS in the Condado zone for 1/4 (please confirm the correct date/s of travel are showing on the detail page after clicking the link below) I'm seeing:


4* Condado for $224
Pets Allowed
Business Center
Free Internet
Indoor or Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center
No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
>>>Best guess would be the Sheraton


5* Condado for $287
Pets Allowed
Business Center
Free Internet
Indoor or Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center
No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
>>>Best guess would be the Condado Vanderbilt


We'll use this thread for 1/4, please start a new thread for the 1/17 stay.


For 1/4, would you rather bid or is PRICELINE EXPRESS of more interest?  If you prefer to try bidding, let us know your desired star rating, which zones are acceptable, and your maximum bid... we will then suggest a strategy for you to follow.


Let us know what you decide and if we can be of any further assistance.


Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site MAPSandHOTELS.com for your regular rate purchases.




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