Hotwire Hotel: 3* Resort in Anaheim Disneyland Maingate area

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By Az01,

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3* resort in Anaheim Disneyland Maingate area




free internet

business center

fitness center

pet friendly



self service laundry

smoke free rooms




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I believe there are more amenities then what you have posted above as HOTWIRE has a new interface that does not show the complete set of amenities unless you search using the EASY VIEW TAB of our tool. (always use this method for your searches/purchases to ensure you're seeing the complete amenity set and for an easy comparison of PRICELINE vs. HOTWIRE, as well as to use our new IS THIS A GOOD PRICE feature).

If you repeat your search using our tool... use the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW tab and then click the GREEN BUTTON next to this listing, do you see more amenities (including any accessible amenities) then what you have listed above?  Also, are you searching for something other than the default 1room/2adults/0children as i'm not seeing any 3* hotels in this zone priced at $115/nite.


Using the method above i am seeing this one which might be the same property you're seeing above? (maybe the price has gone down a few dollars or maybe you're searching for more than one room or including children in your search):

3* HOTWIRE Anaheim Disneyland Maingate for $103.00
Free Internet
Pet Friendly
Smoke Free
Hi-Speed Internet

If this is what you're seeing, this property has a very low 2.5/5.0 TA rating, which is usually a bad sign... what is it that you're looking for in a hotel for this leg of your trip OR is it some other property that you're seeing?


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