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By Gump47371,

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As I stated in the post about the convention calendar, I am looking to travel to Vegas on Mar 6th or 7th and stay until 3/10. There seems to be quite a bit of demand for rooms on that week, with no deals to be found anywhere on the Strip.

I have no problem walking the Strip, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with staying downtown, renting a car, and just driving to the Strip every day. If I stayed on the Strip, I would save the cost of the car. The cheapest price I have found for a car is ~$42/day on Hotwire, though I plan to hit Priceline when I complete my hotel booking.

Prices on the Strip vary, but the average 4* is ~$160-180, and I can book Binions (3*) for $49/night, and later in the week, Golden Nugget for $59/night. Are the quality of these rooms on par with the Strip hotels? On my previous trips, I have stayed at the Mirage and Luxor, and was pleased with the quality. Will I experience the same with Binions and GN?

So back to my original question. How bad/expensive is driving, parking, manuvering through the Strip and its vicinity? I am going to play poker, so I will be hitting multiple casinos, but, as said before, would be willing to walk after parking.

TIA for the advice. I have been a couple times, but have never got a car and drove.

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In my experience Downtown to the Strip (center, such as Bellagio/Paris area) is about $25.

There is a PRICELINE EXPRESS bus which only makes 4 stops between Downtown and the beginning of the strip (ie- Venetian/Mirage area) and cost is ~$2.50/each way... a much better option then taxi.

To answer your original question, my opinion is that staying downtown is inconvenient unless you intend to spend some time down there. I like the option of being able to head back to my hotel room to lay down for a few minutes, change clothes, grab something i forgot but may want while away from the hotel, etc, etc. I'll also add that i have no problems with downtown, but would probably only stay downtown for a few nites (weekend?) of a multi-nite trip... stay down in that area for those nites and then enjoy the strip for the rest of the trip.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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In my experience Downtown to the Strip (center, such as Bellagio/Paris area) is about $25.

Did they take you on the freeway? There was just a topic on the travel channel about the Vegas cabs taking people for a ride. You can get to Bellagio/Paris from the airport for about $12-15 if you stay off the freeway.

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Just booked my tickets. Flying from IND through MSP to LAS Monday night, arrive 11:07p. Staying until Saturday morning, taking RE flight back same route.

More to come later. Just did a quick search for rental car on Hotwire, $50 for economy. Hmm, may have to rethink this plan.

Thanks for the past and future comments thus far. Appreciate the insight.

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As far as the quality of rooms The Golden Nugget used to be the best place in Vegas to stay. In my opinion only Wynn, Belagio, Mandalay Bay and the Venetian are better. GN is on par with MGM, RIO and the Mirage. The Horseshoe is on par with a Medium Holiday Inn. I think you can get a Poker room rate for the Mirage of around $80. You need to play 6 hours a day for that. Call Mirage ask for Poker room and ask what the rate for Poker players is. Driving is not too bad if you stay off the Strip and use the roads that parallel the strip as you can get to most of the parking garages from the back. Try to stay off Flamingo and center strip as it can be bad. Poker is good at the Horseshoe and OK at GN. Lots of loose players at Horseshoe esp. 4-8. I made $75 per hour at Horseshoe over two days 6 hours each day. Was pretty loose at Wynn 4-8 too. I have mostly been able to get a compact car for around $25 per day on priceline or direct with Dollar but I normally get a week rate.

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Was able to book the Nugget for 3/8 and 3/9 for $59/night, but they were full on 3/7, and wanted $109 on 3/6. If I could get all 4 nights there, I might pay that, but will probably look somewhere else. Would like to stay on the Strip for a couple nights, as I am taking a family member that has never been before, and would like to have her stay close at least part of the time.

Thanks for the tip about the Poker Room Rates, opusX. Called, but the lady that handled it was out to lunch. Will be lucky if I receive anything, as everywhere seems full. If it wasn't my Spring Break, I would go another week. Two big conventions at the beginning of the week, and NASCAR at the end.

Still looking forward to it. No place like Vegas.

Thanks again for all the help so far.

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OK, trip is pretty much finalized. Based on the prices I have seen here and the very unfriendly TOBB, I paid more this week than I would have other weeks, but because of work and school, and this being Spring Break, I didn't have selection of weeks.

I took bbbb's advice, and looked into the Orleans. Seems like a nice place. Price on their site for 3/6-3-8 (2 nights) was $80/night. Travelocity"]Travelocity was $73, and PL was $76. Named my own price of $62 at PL and was accepted!!

3/8-3/10, booked a online special at the Golden Nuggett for $59/night.

Booked a rental at Budget.com for all 4 days we were there for $53/day w/ fees. Then tried my luck at Priceline, and was accepted for mid-size at $37/day w/ fees ($26 bid).

Thanks again for all your help. I will be posting these successful bids on the other forums, and my feedback for the hotels.

Any suggestions on what to do while out there would be appreciated. I like the casinos, but my sister doesn't gamble, so we may look into the Hoover Dam or Lake Mead trip.

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For things to do Hoover Dam is a easy trip and interesting. Drive out to Red Rock Canyon, about 10 miles out on Charleston, beautiful. Zion National Park is about a 4 hour drive but you would want to stay over at least 1 night. Laughlin is 90 minutes and like old Las Vegas, during the week you can get a decent room for around $15 and suites go for about $50 but Sunday thru Thursday only. Weekends at least double that. Grand Canyon is about a 6-7 hour drive. Lots of great dining in Vegas but not cheap anymore. Also Primm is not a far drive and has a big outlet mall area.

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