Priceline Hotel: 3.5* Niantic - Norwich - Mystic (Ledyard - Mashantucket - Mystic) Inn at Mystic

By WilliamK,

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Recently, on PRICELINE when I go to add another zone that is not in that star level and rebid, I get this error:


Before we can submit your request we need you to check one or more of the fields that you just completed. We want to make sure that your information is correct in order to process your request. Please click the "Next" button below and we will help you finalize your request.



Is this a known issue?  It never works on rebid, just goes in circles.

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Doesn't sound right to me...


Exactly what city, zone(s), dates, star rating, and bid amount are you bidding (that was rejected)... and what was your added re-bid zone and new bid amount?


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I had to quit and restart browser.


On October 31 I used the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to find out that $51 was offered for 3.5* hotel in Mystic on both Hotwire and PricelineExpress, totaling slightly less on Priceline at $247.52.  I bid on 3.5* for $30 (declined), $35 (declined), and $40(declined), adding in areas 5 and 8 without 3.5* hotels.  Amenities listed on Priceline Express were:


  • Free Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Free Internet
  • Indoor or Outdoor Pool
  • No Smoking Rooms/Facilities


On November 1, perhaps due to the new calendar month, the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal was gone.  I bid on 3.5* for $41 (declined), $46 (declined), and $51 (accepted).


Inn At Mystic 3.5 out of 5 star Hotel

Wed Nov 30, 2016 - After 03:00 PM

Check-out: Fri Dec 2, 2016 - 12:00 PM


Address: 3 Williams Ave., Po Box 526, Mystic , CT , United States 

Number of rooms: 2 rooms 

Total charged:$246.68 

Savings:You saved 35%*

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Congratulations on your success!

Hope you're pleased with the hotel and deal you received and this property will be convenient for your plans this trip.

Thank you for sharing your win with the board and helping us add this property to the Priceline Hotel List.

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Enjoy your stay.

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Reviews of this Hotel seem inflated at 3.5 stars, I read from PRICELINE's reviews quotes including the following negatives:

  • It did not have a small refrigerator in the room. There was no shampoo provided. There was no blow dryer. For a 3.5 star hotel usually those things are available.
  • Did not seem like a 3 1/2 star motel
  • I'm sure they may have rooms at this establishment that may meet a 3 star level. As for our room it was a 1.5 at best. This is a motel not a hotel. It's more of a summer spot for beach goers.
  • It's more of a 2 star motel. No indoor pool as advertised. A lot of rooms are motel style .The entire reason for this trip was to spend time with my 2 year at the pool, since described with indoor pool. This was not the case, wasted trip, waste money!
  • i would not give this a 3.5 star experience. Yes the location is nice, however the room is very dated, smelled very musty and old and there was a lot of dust.
  • very over rated - not 3.5 stars
  • Bathroom was filthy - hairs on the floor, dirty towel on hook Big section of wallcovering was missing No closet in room. There was a wardrobe cabinet with some hanging space, but not for long garments THIS IS NOT A 3.5 STAR HOTEL
  • Our room was not a 3.5 stars caliber hotel room.The furnishings and rugs were old, stained and outdated, as were the mattresses.There were water stains on the ceiling,the bathroom doors struck each other when opened, and fridge was in the bathroom vanity.
  • Hotel has wide range of rooms, many of which do not qualify as 3 1/2 star quality.

I called Priceline to complain it was overrated.  They stated the 3.5 star is the consensus of many sites, such as hotels.com and tripadvisor.com.  I asked them to look into it anyway and they filed a ticket for that.


How could this run down Motel with rooms that open into the parking lot qualify as 3.5 stars whereas other hotels in the same town ranked 3 stars are much nicer and have a higher list price to reflect their higher quality?  Seems like an anomaly in the system.

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I have no firsthand experience with this property, but to their credit there are quite a few positive reviews as well.  It seems to me that there may be newer/older parts of the property and this may be what effects the experience (and the disparity between the positive and negative reviews).


I'd suggest doing a little research before your trip to learn where the 'better' rooms are and ask for that room type at check-in (even if a small paid upgrade it may be worthwhile).  If the rooms you ultimately are assigned has tangible issues (ie- not that it felt outdated) i would suggest taking pictures, try the front desk for a better room assignment (first with front desk clerk and then with management), and if all else fails contact PRICELINE while at the property and explain to them that the hotel does not meet the standards assigned (offer to email them photos).

Hopefully it will all go better than expected... good luck!

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