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By goldendeal,

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Please be aware, HOTWIRE is  now calling motels such as La Quinta , Country In  and Suites,  Holiday In Express and Best Westerns as " boutique holes"

This past month I have booked 6 times with HOTWIRE in category  boutique hotel and was awarded all of the above.  On the last booking it was a La Quinta, so I called Hotwire to ask how they

came to the conclusion a La Quinta motel is a boutique hotel?  They put me on hold to call the hotel, came back to the phone to offer me a refund or a 25% credit off my rate to keep the

motel. This is not a good trend and I told them so, as far as I am concerned  this is false advertising as we all know none of the motel I have listed above can be construed as a "boutique hotel"

After conferring with Hotwire they seem to agree with me. Not that will stop what they are doing. Just be careful when booking any “boutique hotel" with Hotwire.

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6 hours ago, goldendeal said:

This past month I have booked 6 times with HOTWIRE

As your last reported win to the board was a year ago, it would be appreciated if you shared your wins, as specific details about the hotels you won would be more helpful to other visiting the area(s) where you made your most recent purchases.


I will add that the above is nothing new, and anytime you're purchasing a 2.5* or 3* rated hotel it should be assumed that you're not likely getting a 'true' Boutique style property.


Even though they are after the fact, others could still benefit from the information of your previous wins, which it would be great if you would post each to the board (as a NEW TOPIC)... you can still view all of the details of your previous purchases by using the MY ACCOUNT >> MY TRIPS link near the top right of HOTWIRE's home page.



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Please explain to me, what exactly is a boutique style hotel? I am currently looking at a hot deal 2.5 stars in the ASU/Tempe, AZ area, listed as Boutique, the four possible hotels they list as "guaranteed to be one of..." are Red Lion Inn & Suites, Baymont by Wyndham, Hampton Inn & Suites, and Quality Inn & Suites. By the price shown as what it was discounted from, and the other amenities, I narrowed it down to the Baymont, or Red Lion. Then I googled it (BTW, Google lists them all as 2 star) but using the %recommended, overall satisfaction rating + TripAdvisor rating and number of reviews, I think I narrowed it down to Red Lion, which is what I'm hoping. For no other reason than it's location really. Anyway, I'm not quite ready to make that leap yet, and was hoping to find some way to make the deal even sweeter, like a coupon code for a percentage off hotrate deals. I don't know if the boutique or not boutique will help me narrow it down further, as you said none of the above listed hotels are boutiques and that's what hotwire called them, but it would be nice to know.

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Use our BiddingHelper.com tool and in the EASY VIEW tab click the 'What hotel is this' button next to the offer to narrow down the likely hotel... once you're ready to move forward and commit to a purchase feel free to ask for 'human' help.


More specifically to your question above, 'Boutique' is one of those terms that i wouldn't put much weight into as it's a very vague term and could mean just about anything... from a small 'boutique' property, to a hotel with a 'funky' vibe, etc. etc.


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