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HotWire & Credit Cards Question

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By Rick,

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I have a question. I read on Hotwire where it says I have to have and actual credit card to be able to check in to a hotel if I purchased the room via Hotwire.

All I have at this time is a debit/check card w/the Visa symbol on it. I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered a problem checking in to a HOtel with the latter type or being turned away.

I am also assuming that if you cannot check in to a hotel, you would just lose the money you paid for the reservation since Hotwire doesnt refund any money anytime.

Anyone? :)

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Here's a similar thread in the Questions and Suggestions forum: OTHER THREAD

This is from Hotwire's CUSTOMER CARE page:

Q: What do I need to check in to my hotel room?

A: When you arrive at the hotel, just go to the front desk and present a valid ID and credit card. (The ID and credit card should match the guest name under which the room is reserved.) Hotels will require a credit card authorization to guarantee payment of any incidental charges you may incur during your stay. The amount of available credit needed will vary by hotel, although you may be able to secure incidentals with a cash deposit. Any incidental charges -- such as parking (which can run $10-25 or more, depending on the city), local phones calls, room service, etc. -- are additional and payable directly to the hotel (usually at check-out time).

Other hotel charges -- including resort fees, convention fees and energy surcharges -- must also be paid when you check out. Once you purchase a hotel reservation, we recommend that you contact your hotel to ask about any additional charges. They can best address any questions about the check-in or check-out process.

Q: If my bankcard has the Visa or MasterCard logo on it, can I use it?

A: Travel purchases made on the Hotwire site can be paid for with the following major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We do not recommend using any form of debit cards for purchases on our site because of the restrictions these cards may present (e.g., limitation on the number of daily transactions, daily spending limits).

At the pick-up counter, the car rental company will require that you present a credit card in your name. Debit cards will not be accepted. A credit card is necessary to authorize a deposit of $100 for Hotwire customers; the required amount of available credit may be higher if you choose additional options at the counter (e.g., child seats, ski racks). Charges are not made to your credit card unless there are damages, fuel charges, etc. In such cases, the car rental company will make an actual charge using the authorization received when you picked up the car.

I don't think yoiu'll have any problem using a debit card to cover incidentals, as long as you have enough in the account to cover the daily amount (often a couple of hundred dollars) the hotel wants to put on hold (remember that these funds put on hold won't be accessible to be used elsewhere on your trip).

Worse case scenario is once you get a hotel, call them to find out their policy and how much they insist on putting on hold per day. Then either put enough money in the debit account to cover the charge, or if you don't have those funds, have a close friend call the hotel beforehand to authorize their own credit card for your incidentals (and use your debit card or cash to settle up your bill at the end of your stay).

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