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  1. Thanks much! BTW, the price you put in my topic for 7/29 is incorrect. I got the 29th for $99.00 that night! C'monnnnnnnnnn 7!!!!!!!! (rolls dice!) :)
  2. I guess the theory that the Venetian releases rooms only close to the actual date you are traveling is either changing or incorrect! I am going to Vegas July 29 - August 2. Heres how my bidding went. I bid July 29 - Aug 2 at 90.00 /night. Came back with a counter offer of 160/night. I figured, hmmm, let me check individual dates on Hotwire. I saw that Hotwire gave me a price of $117.00/night on July 29. So I decided to try for this one night by itself next. I started at 85.00 and went up to $99.00 which was accepted! Total w/ taxes/fees is 116.05. :) I then tried to add an extra night on July 30 through the help section and was offered an extra night at $179.00! No thanks! :) So next, I figured I'd try for the remaining 3 nights (July 30 - August 2) Started at $99.00 and was counteroffered $155.00 a night. Kept using free re-bid zones and on my very last one I bid $139.00/night. Bam! Accepted! Total price for these three nights is $417.00 + taxes/fees + $53.54 = $470.54 Not exactly the lowest price of $99.00/night like some people get. But all nights combined = $586.59 is a pretty sweet deal nonetheless! And, three months away! :o
  3. :) I decided to stay 3 more nights in Orlando. Tried to get the same rate n same hotel... I got the Gaylord Palms again from 11/12-11/15. But I only paid 75.00/night. Even better! So now I wont have to change hotels!
  4. I appreciate the info. Since this trip is part of a post cruise package for us and we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, I'm sure we will love it. Thanks again! :)
  5. Hello, I got tired of lookin so I just bought my last night for my Orlando trip through Hotwire. It was in the Walt Disney World area. Amenities: Rest, Pool, Fitness Center, Hi-Speed Internet, Golf, Tennis, Spa. I saw on the hotel list that this used to show the "Boutique". Wasn't listed when I purchased. $133.00 + $22.00 taxes n Fees = $155 total. Seems like an ok deal. not great. I found this hotel online for $179 + TAX. Hope this helps someone! :)
  6. I have a question. I read on Hotwire where it says I have to have and actual credit card to be able to check in to a hotel if I purchased the room via Hotwire. All I have at this time is a debit/check card w/the Visa symbol on it. I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered a problem checking in to a HOtel with the latter type or being turned away. I am also assuming that if you cannot check in to a hotel, you would just lose the money you paid for the reservation since Hotwire doesnt refund any money anytime. Anyone? :)
  7. Thereuare, Im looking at US-SW area on Nov 9th. It shows a 4 star hotle for 59.00 a night. Do you think that is the Worldgate Hotel? ooops, I mean Westgate lakes?
  8. yep WDW zone. Yeah I was rejected for all 3 night. I think I will be patient and watch the suggested prices for the one night stay. Maybe some reeoms will get released closer to my stay date. Thanks!
  9. I am glad I got this resort! :) I have been reading reviews on this hotel and they are all great! I have been trying to get 3 nights in Orland with no luck. So I decided to split up my 3 nights and try to bid on two nights, the last two. I started at $65 and worked my way up to $85. I got the Gaylord Palms! Now all I have to do is find a nice room for the 9th. But alt least our last two nights there will be in a great hotel for sure!
  10. Ok this time, I didn't care whether it was a 4* or resort so I started from $60.00 and went up to $75 with the re-bids. Seeing how people were getting $63.00 nights at the WDW Wyndham I thought i could get that, but no luck! I will try again later. Probly Sat. I was using a different computer at work and it allowed me to bid. Common? Thanks, hope this helps someone,, :)
  11. :) Well I guess I escaped that one! I will definfitely leave out Disney and Universal Zones next time! Although it wouldnt have been bad, I was hoping to get the Westin Bohemian downtown. I had a friend get that one through Priceline about a month ago. Same situation. Only 4* Hotel in Orlando zones. Thanks thereuare! :)
  12. Hi, I tried to get a room for 3 nights in Downtown Orlando for a 4* Hotel. It said average price in the dwtn area is $108. I started my first bid at $50. Then re-bid different zones all the way up to $70. No luck! It should be noted that the downtown area is the only zone with a 4* hotel, so I was pretty much safe with all the remaining zones in thinking I would get the downtown area. Oh well, I guess I will try again on Sat. Travel i was trying to get was for Nov 9 -12 :)
  13. Hi all, I started this one at 50 bucks and went up 5 bucks each time until it was accepted at $60.00+$13.43 taxes & fees = 73.43 a night. I am a local here and know how nice this resort is. I am going to treat the wife a nights stay there for New Years Eve. Started at 50 bucks and went up 5 bucks each time til I got it for $60.00. I can tell you that this hotel goes for about 240 a night for New Years Eve! Totally Pleased! Just put in the zone for Santa Ana Pueblo. Resort Class. This is Albuquerque's only Resort at this time. Easy to know what you are bidding on. :)