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By nsxtasy,

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I just submitted a Priceline "name your own price" hotel bid which was rejected.  I thought I would then have to wait 24 hours to rebid, unless I want to change my areas, star level, or dates, other than rare occasions when the website tells you you can bid again right away.  But I tried it again anyway, and below is the message it displayed.  It seems that it will allow me to rebid after only two hours.  Is this a new policy by PRICELINE, to have a two-hour delay instead of 24 hours?  Or does the time frame vary with some unknown parameters?  It sure sounds like it's no longer always 24 hours.


I looked up the Priceline website's FAQ for name-your-own-price hotels and it says:


If Priceline does not accept your offer the first time, you need to change the hotel area, dates, or star level when resubmitting. That way, you give us more search options and a better chance of finding a hotel room for you at your offer price. However, if you'd like to resubmit an identical offer (same price, city, check in and check out dates, and star level) you can come back and submit the same within the time frame stated on the rejected offer screen.


That last part makes it sounds as though the time frame may be flexible or shorter, rather than the flat 24 hours I've been accustomed to.  (Also note that they don't actually give the time frame on the screen that rejects the bid as insufficient; you have to then go in and submit your identical offer - with a different price if you want, but otherwise identical - and it's only when they reject the bid because you just submitted a similar bid, that it tells you the time frame in which you can resubmit.)


Maybe the 2 hours was a typo and it really meant 24 hours...?  I'll try it again in two hours, and let you know whether it allowed me to rebid.


Here's exactly what the web page said when I tried to submit the same bid, and it told me I could do so in two hours:




Try again right now


We were not able to process this request since our records indicate you have already made a request for this same trip. Your credit card has not been charged for Request Number xxx-xxx-xxx-xx.

We'd be happy to try your request again if you can do any one of the following:




Change your dates of stay




Select a different hotel quality star level




Add more areas in which you'd be willing to stay


If you can change any of these items, you can also name a new price. If you are unable to change your request as indicated above, you will need to wait at least 2 hours from the time you made your original offer to try again.




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It was changed from 24 hours to 2 hours fairly recently.


Please keep us updated with what you decide and let us know if you have additional questions. If you need help with your stay, please start a new thread with the details of the stay. Thanks.


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