Priceline Hotel: Failed bid, $90-$135 3.5* Downtown Denver 6/9-6/12

By bacardi,

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Going to Denver that weekend and wanted to share...It's unusually expensive but who knows, perhaps there's an event going on...

What's unfortunate is I bid and won back in 2013, on a Downtown Denver hotel, the Ramada which is really in a shady part of town and is too far of a walk to 16th street...It's offered on HW for $69/night ($257 total) I see a lot of people on here are bidding on 3* and getting the Aloft which would be great but I'm nervous about winning the Ramada...There's a 5* on hotwire for $153 ($570 total) which I guess is my backup, but I would love a non-Ramada 3* for no more than $400 total for the 3 nights...


Thinking of bidding on a Downtown Denver 3* for just Thursday starting at $65...If I get the Ramada it's one night only not the worst thing; if I get a hotel I want like Aloft, I will see if extending the days is approved and if not, bid for a fri and sat and hope to get the same...

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One can only extend a bid as many nights as one originally bid.  Assuming the extension if offered, if you only bid the Thursday you can't extend to the Friday and the Saturday, but just to the Friday.


Sorry to be the "bearer of bad tidings".  



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It's no biggie because even if I can't extend I can simply do a separate booking...


Slight change, $125 3* appears on hotwire, and it could very well be an unlisted Holiday Inn Express based on the trip advisor average and number of reviews...


Obviously annoying that HW/PL shift around zones...

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Both going down in the next 8 days doesn't seem likely.. as usually airfare goes up this close to departure dates.


Please remember to follow-up your threads with your wins/decisions as you make them (even if you don't ultimately use PRICELINE / HOTWIRE, cancel the trip, book direct, etc) as this help keep the board better organized and more useful for everyone... as well as being a courtesy to anyone who took the time to help with your travel plans.


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