Help, where do I even start?

By maximilano,

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I am planning a trip with friends for 06/26 to 06/28. We would like to spend less than $100 for a hotel on the strip (the best hotel possible at that rate of course). We are a group of 8-10 people so we would need two double occupancy rooms at least. I have looked on hotwire and priceline but I am absolutely overwhelmed. Should I try bidding on priceline? 


Here is a list of hotels my friends DON'T want to stay at:

Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Tropicana, Luxor and Stratosphere. 


Thanks in advance, and let me know if I'm missing any info. 

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We are a group of 8-10 people so we would need two double occupancy rooms at least

Please note that PRICELINE and PRICELINE EXPRESS only guarantees double occupancy, after that is at the discretion of the hotel. While you can call the hotel you win and request a room with two beds, the hotel may not be able, or willing, to honor your request. Whether they will/can or not depends upon a LOT of different factors, including what is available at the time of your check-in, how many rooms with two beds are offered at the hotel and what they need to accommodate other guests for your dates, hotel policy etc.


If you're trying to target a specific property then HOTWIRE can often be a better option if you're successfully able to identify it based upon the star rating and amenities shown before your purchase... the trade-off is that HOTWIRE usually costs a little more than PRICELINE, so you need to decide what is most important to you for a given stay, the lowest possible price OR the ability to take an educated guess as to the property you may receive.


Also HOTWIRE guarantees sleeping accommodations for everyone you include in your search (up to 4 guests)... this often means two beds in the room, but the second 'bed' could be a pullout sofabed, rollaway brought into the room, etc.

Here is a list of hotels my friends DON'T want to stay at

You can't bid on or avoid a specific hotel when using PRICELINE You have to be able to accept any hotel in the zone at the star rating (or higher) you select.

Should I try bidding on priceline?

I would say no. There's to many factors in play for your stay. I would say that HOTWIRE is your best option. You can also go with PRICELINE EXPRESS but you can only choose listing that indicates "bed choice". Bed choice indicates that you most of the times can go with 2 beds in a room.


Are everyone in the group ready to commit to a hotel today? Also have in mind that after you book the hotels is there not much you can do when it comes to change anything with your reservation. So everyone in the group must be committed to a reservation when we start this.


Let us know your thoughts and we'll go from there.


Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site MAPS and HOTELS.com for your regular rate purchases.



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As to where to start ... check rates for your dates with lots of different sources.  The Maps and Hotels yellowdog mentions is up in the header in the Tool Box is an excellent start.  But also check the web sites of the hotels themselves.  There are links to a number of them on the Support Page.  I once managed to get a Las Vegas hotel via bidding, only to learn that I could have gotten it for $5 less right on the hotel's web site.  


Take a look at the Hotel lists.  It shows what other members have reporting receiving via Priceline, Priceline Express and Hotwire.  You might find some zones and star levels that don't include any of the hotels you'd like to avoid.  Of course there is always the chance that a hotel will have its star level changed or a zone will have its boundary changed.  With Priceline bidding, you have to be prepared to accept any hotel of the star level you are bidding (or higher) within the zone map.


Double occupancy means two people.  People sometimes think "double" means 2x2 or 4.  


Rates are quite reasonable for your dates.  But do factor into your budget the "resort fee" payable at the desk.  It is common in Las Vegas.  Hotwire will almost always show it.  Priceline is starting to, but don't assume there isn't one if it isn't listed.  



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