Priceline Hotel: 4.5* Cancun - Cozumel (Riviera Maya North - Puerto Morelos) Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort - All Inclusive

By Carrie2013,

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Thank you for sharing your result with the board.


Also thanx for the addition for this new property to the BetterBidding Priceline Expres Hotel List


Do you remember if you also had Restaurant among the amenities before you purchased the hotel?


Enjoy your stay.


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We were really hesitant to purchase an All-Inclusive through Priceline Express Deals, but it turned out great! It really turned out to cost only what we paid on Priceline (w/no extra or hidden charges). An all-inclusive for $213 a night for two people was a GREAT deal! We even got the free $1500 resort credit for booking over 5 nights.


Tips: We called a week in advance and requested a room close to the lobby, so we didn't have to walk so far (the resort is really big) and they accomodated our request. We brought 32oz. drink cups from home and had at least 10 people ask where we bought them from b/c if you don't bring your own drink cups they serve you drinks in like a 8-10oz. cup. We did our research and knew upfront that you pay 16% out of pocket in taxes for any of the resort credits that you use. You can only use $300 in resort credit towards the spa. We used the maximum amount of spa resort credits and got a couples massage for 50 min and a pedicure for only $48 out of pocket in taxes (pretty great deal). We had a horrific rental car experience, we will never get a rental car again in Mexico (the rental car company takes your credit card, makes a carbon copy, and insists that you sign it without an amount listed on the slip - giving an open credit card slip without an amount is very sketchy, they won't give you the car w/o it, we went to the gas station and in Mexico they don't let you pump your own gas - I gave the guy my credit card and told him to put $20 in and he tried to charge my credit card $55 - thank god my credit card company declined the charge as fraud), we didn't get pulled over but a TON of people staying at the resort did, the rental cars have huge bumper stickers on the back indicating that they are rentals, the cops target those rental cars and there are cops EVERYWHERE with rental cars pulled over).

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