Hotwire Hotel: Help ID'ing LAX Radisson

By Futterman,

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I'm hoping for the LAX Radisson for the weekend of 1/28 through 1/30, and considering the fact that it's a 3+ star hotel, I've got two options on Hotwire.

A) 3-Star hotel in LAX with restaurants, pools, fitness center, business center, and laundry facilities. $51/night.

B) 3.5-Star hotel in LAX with airport shuttle, restaurants, pools, fitness center, high speed internet access, and business center. $85/night.

Based on the price and internet access, I'd say B is the Radisson, but I'd greatly appreciate 'professional' input.



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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Did skycruiser747 make you post yourself? :)

As per our HOTWIRE HOTEL LIST choice B above is a match for the Radisson so that would be our best guess.

As mentioned in this HOTWIRE thread (which we'll merge into this one if you confirm that the above thread was posted on your behalf) our guess on the 3* is the Holiday Inn LAX.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hey thereuare,

Haha, yes, I have been in cahoots with skymonster747...I just wanted to clear something up without continually posting vicariously through him. :) I won't be booking for a few more days, but now I have a good idea of which one is the Radisson for when I do. The $85 isn't much less than the $89/night I can get after coupons from booking directly through their hotel website, so I'm not sure the $14 difference is even worth the risk of not getting what I want, however small.

Thanks for the input, though, and sorry for not searching thoroughly enough to find the Hotwire Hotel List.

As mentioned in this HOTWIRE thread (which we'll merge into this one if you confirm that the above thread was posted on your behalf) our guess on the 3* is the Holiday Inn LAX.


Thanks again for the help,

Brian (when will this rain in NYC stop?)

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Assuming the Radisson in question is the one on Centinela just off Sepulveda, I can confirm that it does offer an airport shuttle. (Even runs all night IIRC.) Also it does have high speed Internet access, though you pay through the nose for it -- IIRC $45/week or a lot more by the day, doesn't matter it you don't want it. I've stayed there a couple of times, and in the area (within a couple of blocks) a lot in the past couple of years. Anyway, that should help you ID it.

Personally I wouldn't rate it 3.5* but then I don't care about stars so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I found it to be an acceptable hotel trying to be a bit more than it is. My main gripe was lack of kitchen facilities -- can't even count on a refrigerator unless you reserve a higher priced room -- since I was staying for 2-3 weeks at a time. If you're lucky, you may get a room with a view of the 405 freeway or of the back of the Albertson's next door. Oh, and I like getting my exercise walking up the stairs, and you can't get into the stairwells from the lobby, have to take the elevator the the second floor and then take the stairs.

BUT BE WARNED -- parking at the Radisson is at least $10/day, and that's old info. You could park a block away in the Albertson's parking lot, but I have no idea what would happen if the management noticed, plus I don't think I'd be happy parking my car there overnight.


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Well, I had just hit post when I remembered that there's a Rad even closer to the airport, on Century Blvd. That's the one you're talking about -- it's almost in the airport, and the one I was talking about is called "Westside". But the Rad LAX definitely has the airport shuttle. And I would imagine that the cost of parking is even higher.


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