Hotwire Hotel: Need help - Westin Diplomat - Ft Lauderdale


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Someone at TOBB reported obtaining the max ($1000) refund from Hotwire's "double the difference" program using the Westin Diplomat.

The dates the poster used was Nov 26-30. Under the Hotwire vacation product, this property displays both beach access & beachfront. Under the hotel only category, Hotwire is dropping the beach access amenity in it's 4 star description for Hollywood Beach zone. And this is using the same dates as the poster at TOBB. Hotwire is also displaying the same price ($313) the poster at TOBB paid.

So the question is......does anyone think Hotwire is displaying a different property, or are they known to change the amenity labels for the same property depending on whether you're booking hotel only vs vacation package?

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There *ARE* two completely separate Starwood properties within a mile or two of each other.

The Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa is the 40-story tower that is directly on the beach.

The Diplomat Country Club and Spa is inland and is adjacent to a golf course (it is part of Starwood's Luxury Collection group).

I can't speak to the Hotwire-description specifics, however, the "Country Club" property is *definitely* not oceanfront.

Hope this helps ....

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Thanks for the feedback, Welldone.

Since the 4 star displays the beachfront icon, I can't see how it could be the Diplomat Country Club.

I checked some alternate dates, and what I assume to be the Diplomat Country Club came up at 4.5 stars (no amenity info as referenced in the vacation section here at BetterBidding).

I'm 99% sure the 4 star is the Diplomat Resort, but not sure enough to play the "double the difference" game.

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In the Hotel Prodcut, Hotwire only uses the Beachfront or Beach Access, while they use both in the vacation product (if you think about it, isn't it assumed that a beachfront hotel would have beach access?) There is also an Oceanfront icon often used when a hotel is on the ocan but offers no beach access.

There are quite a few posts on this board about people uitilizing the Double the Difference guarantee (try a search for it, putting Double the Difference in the search box and selecting Any Date), but you can read some of my thoughts on the risks involved in THIS POST.

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