Priceline Hotel: 4* Indianapolis (Downtown)

By cheapsk8,

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Looking for a 4* hotel room for Friday night in downtown Indianapolis.


Here was my bidding strategy, and of course I used use the site's PRICELINE links to start my purchases and searches.


Bid # Price Added Zone   Result
----- ----- ----------------------------- ----------
1) $56 Downtown   -> DENIED
2) $61 Airport North   -> DENIED
3) $66 Carmel     -> DENIED
4) $71 Downtown West    -> DENIED
5) $76 Fishers    -> DENIED
6) $81 Indianapolis Airport (IND)  -> DENIED
7) $86 Indianapolis East  -> DENIED
8) $91 Indianapolis Northeast   -> DENIED
9) $96 Indianapolis Northwest   -> DENIED
10) $101 Indianapolis South  -> DENIED
11) $106 Keystone - Castleton   -> DENIED
12) $111 Speedway - Indianapolis West -> DENIED


Unfortunately, I couldn't secure a win on Priceline even though another recent bidder got one for $90 on 8/2.


Priceline's Express Deal only had one hotel available in Downtown Indy: a 2* for $308. Hotwire also has no availability in Downtown for my preferred date. Airbnb also has nothing below $500/nt.


It appears GenCon, which is expecting nearly 50k attendees, is running during this time. Also, the Indiana state fair is wrapping up this weekend.


Does anyone else have any ideas?! (PIck a different weekend!?)

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Unfortunately, rates for this night - and a lot seems sold out - are sky-high. 


Would a different weekend be an option? (If so, which?) Additionally, if not a different weekend, would any outlying areas be acceptable? (Although outlying areas are going to be a bit more expensive than usual because of overflow.)


Thank you for using the board's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

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Does anyone else have any ideas?!

If everything else if firm - dates, budget, etc. - one option is a lower star level.  In Indianapolis the 3.5* level is available for bidding.  In middle America, while the accommodations might be slightly more spartan, they still almost always are pretty nice places.


Another is to book a cancelable back-up, and then keep bidding until the last possible minute.  For large events hotels sometimes hold blocks of rooms until very close to the date, and then release the unsold ones to Priceline/Hotwire.




PS - For the record, I'm a member, not a board official.  But have had lots of practice going to Plans B, C, etc.

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Thank you for closing this thread.


Please remember to follow-up your threads with your results/decisions as you receive them so that the information can best help others in a timely manner... and to use the requested PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links for your future hotel purchases.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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