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By dwh,

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The things you learn when you ask questions... i had not knowledge of Sage, but it looks pretty cool.

We have a few things on our plate right now but once the air clears a bit we'll look more into the RSS options available.

Thanks for asking and for letting us know about some of the RSS options available.

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We've begun the initial phase of testing an RSS feed... if you have a website with an RSS feed reader (or have a website and know how to install a reader on it (it's pretty simple)) please contact us by sending a PM which you can do by clicking the PM button under my name to the left.

You can take the RSS feed down a minute after importing, but we want to make sure everything works correctly and see how it looks before we offer publicly.


PS- i'll also add, for those that are interested in our RSS feed, would you want the Last 'x' number of threads from the entire board, or would you want to be able to select the forums which you import from; so for instance if your website was about NYC, you could restrict your RSS import to only threads from the New York Forum. Also, is 5 or 10 a good figure to use for the number of threads to export, or would anyone actually want/need more than that?

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Glad to see somebody using the RSS feed as i think it's an underutilized feature, which is why it hadn't been expanded further previously (and only released it for the 'whole' board and not specific forums).

There are quite a few things on our agenda in the nearterm but we'll try to squeeze this in too. If this isn't implemented in the next 2 weeks please send us a PM as a friendly reminder :)

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I like it so far. It would be nice to be able to pick certain forums - if I know I am going to be bidding in, say, NYC then I would subscribe to that forum; later I would change to a different one depending on where I was going. But a general all-board feed should always be available as well. 10 to 15 threads is the right number - no less.

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Currently the RSS feed is only for the 'whole' forum.

I've been thinking about this lately and the 'problem' with offering specific forums is that the list would get QUITE long when clicking on the rss.png symbol (bottom left of the page). This isn't a problem for the board/software/server, but i think it might then be hard to find what you're looking for as there would be nearly 50+ different items in the list! :) And this is assuming we do it per state, and not sub-divide by differentiating between Priceline and Hotwire forums (which would then bring the number to 100+).

In addition to the states/countries, there might be others who don't have any immediate travel plans but may want a feed for Priceline Tips and/or Hotwire Tips... only adding to the already long list of available feeds.

If anyone is not aware, you can subscribe to forums and topics and be emailed whenever there is a reply to the forum/topic you have subscribed to. To do this on the top right corner of the board will be a button Forum (or Topic) Options. Click the subscribe and you will be emailed any time there is a NEW TOPIC posted in that forum (for Forum subscriptions) or anytime there is a reply to a topic (for topic subscriptions)... if you're not currently 'active' on the board. The old version of the board would only email once per day for each forum/topic, and i forget if the latest version emails on every occurance or only once per day (or if there is a option to choose which you prefer).

Later you can then unscribe to the various forums/topics by using the MY ACCOUNT link (under the blue banner on the top of the board) and the "Subscriptions" on the lefthand side of that ensuing page.

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Good point about subscribing to forums or topics, I forgot about that - I'll try it next time. But if you decide to break out feeds separately, what about making the RSS symbol work analogously to the "Options" button in each forum - it just applies to that particular forum. Or could you even add "subscribe to this forum's RSS feed" as one of the options available in that menu?

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Suppose you have a dozen websites with information that interests you, but which may get updated only infrequently. It would be a pain to connect to each one each day and sort through to see what is new that you may find interesting. Instead, many websites make available an "RSS feed" which summarizes new content that the website thinks will be of interest to its readers. In turn, you would have an RSS reader to access those feeds. Instead of the whole website, you just see a short listing of new topics - then if you choose to, you can load the entire site and read the full article.

I use 'Sage', an RSS reader that integrates into Firefox; but there are many of them out there for various web browsers.

Not all websites offer RSS feeds, and an RSS reader is not the same as a newsreader which accesses newsgroups like "rec.travel.europe".

try this site for more info:


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