Expedia Unpublished or Hotwire?

By Juanito,

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Yes, I know you are not supposed to take children to Las Vegas.


But I am on my way to somewhere else, and Las Vegas is by far the cheapest place to stop.


I found a 3 star condo, South Area, $72 on Expedia Unpublished, $75 on Hot.wire.  I think it's the Cancun, or maybe Tahiti Village, possibly Grandview.


Is there any difference in booking with one or the other?  I have had good luck so far with Hot.wire.  But I just booked a place in Utah that has some scary reviews, but I will just be there for one night.

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Please provide a follow-up for your prior Spring Valley Hotwire thread (post what you decided for that stay within that thread, then reply to this thread and we would be happy to look into the above listing.)


Also, for the above listing, please provide the complete list of amenities showing with the listing. To get the complete list, you may need to click on the listing, click on "buy now" on the detail page and then, on the next page click "see all' in the box on the side of the page with amenities.


Thank you for using the board's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

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