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Lady Reeler
By Lady Reeler,

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It takes awhile for them to search all of the greatest name-brand hotels and quality independents to find a hotel that will accept your price :)

It could have been their server hanging or your computer hanging... just like when you visit a website occaisionally and the browser doesn't seem to ever stop. I wouldn't read too much into it.

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Also, once you do get a winning bid, you may not receive email notifying you of the results of your bidding. I received email for all my LOSING bids, and was closing the 'never-ending' search screen down, so when my bid did win, I had no way of knowing, except to go back to Priceline.com and search for the results by email-address and credit card detail. Very annoying.

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This sub-thread should probably be somewhere else, because it is not just about NYC hotels, but...

I did send Priceline an email about this, because there really is something disconnected between the search screen and the actual bid results. I don't know if they really understood what I was trying to tell them, but they did send me a message going through some ways to retrieve information about reservations.... :)

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This has been going on for about a week now. It's not related to any one area, it seems to be happening with all bids. The email comes in within a few seconds, but the result of the bid is not available for at least 20 minutes. Makes rebidding very time-consuming. Probably another case of Priceline releasing insufficiently-tested software modifications to production.

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