Priceline Hotel: Bidding Strategy - 3.5* Disneyland - Anaheim Convention Center - Garden Grove

By esmith,

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I have clicked the Priceline...and Hotwire...links from the board. 


I am looking for assistance identifiying the re-bid zones.  I am trying to book a 3.5* or 4* Hotel in Disneyland - Anaheim Convention Center - Garden Grove for 2/28-3/4.  Trying to come up with a bidding strategy but I am not sure I have the re-bid zones correct.


If I want to make sure I have a 3.5* or above in the Disneyland - Anaheim Convention Center area.  Can I use...


Anaheim Hills

Angels Stadium

Buena Park


Laguna Beach

Seal Beach

San Clemente


Thank you for your help.




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Clicked the links again and re-read "Priceline Re-bidding Explained".  It had been awhile since I read that...good refresher.  I made a mistake (thus why I was asking...I didn't want to mess up).


Anaheim Hills

Angels Stadium

Buena Park


North Huntington - Fountain Valley


San Clemente

Seal Beach


Not sure what price to start at...Any suggestions?  Express Deals are around $80/night before 5% off.  Recent wins on the board appear to be around $60.  Hotwire is between $71-$90.  Thank you for the help!

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Yes, you now have your re-bid zones correct for the 3.5* level, but always double check to make sure that nothing has changed since you last looked.

Not sure how high you're willing to bid before going with one of the other offers like PRICELINE EXPRESS, but here is a strategy goes up to $70/nite, you can stop at whatever amount you'd like and/or let us know your maximum bid if you'd like us to revise the strategy.

Using your EIGHT re-bid zones, i would try:

Select 3.5* Disneyland...

Bid $50, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $53, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $55, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $58, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $60, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $63, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $65, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $68, if rejected add re-bid zone...

Bid $70

Any questions feel free to ask.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Well...ran out of bids at $70.  Really frustrating...I saw a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal pop-up over the weekend for considerably less than that but when I went back and clicked it...I got the 'price has been updated availability changes' message.


I have a backup hotel booked directly at $90.  I really thought it would be accepted at $70 but...I was wrong.  The Express Deal with 5% is $76 so I can't be too far away.


Out of bids...taking a breather for now.  :-(


Thank you for the help.


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Can you help identify this priceline.Express Deal?

3.5* Disneyland 2/28 - 3/4


7+ Guest Score




Business Center


It says it has a $75 Pet Fee. I was thinking Marriott Anaheim Suites because of the pet fee...but the 7+ is throwing that off since they are 8+.


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Does the Pet Fee on Priceline vary vs. the Hotel?  The Sheridan Garden Grove shows $150 Pet Fee on their website...so I was thinking it might be somewhere else.  The Red Lion says something like $15/day so it doesn't really line up either.


Sheridan Garden Grove is a definite possibility.


Clicked the links again to price hotels again today.



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